Cool lanvin love

There seems to be a lot of fuss about the Lanvin rings.... Many fashion gurus and celebrities are spotted with this statement jewelry. Yay or nay?



JUUJ, another pair of new shoes! You must think that I'm a shoe-freak, but it's just coincidence that my latest posts involve shoes (or not?). I found these beauties at my favorite shoe shop, and believe it or not, it's situated in my hometown! In the small village where I live, there aren't a lot of shopping facilities, but the ones that we have are definitely worth a visit. 

I've always been in love with 'the derby'. Just a classic shoe that's indispensable in your wardrobe. But this pair of Attilio Giusti Leombruni really reinvented itself because of the thick sole (luckily not as thick as the one from creepers, because that would be too much for this kind of shoes)... Can't wait to put them on!!! 
Do you think that every woman needs some derbies? 


Dressing down

One thing that you guys don't really know yet, is that I have a huge sneaker addiction. I'm the lucky owner of lots of special pairs, for example some Adidas sneakers from the collaboration with Missy Elliott or an edition that was created by some graffiti artists. And since a couple of weeks, these beautiful Vans got into my possession... 
I went out to have some dinner and didn't really want to dress up. Result: one of my favorite dresses at the moment + these newbies. I think a dress doesn't always call for high heels and that these sneakers also fit perfectly! What do you think? 

Outfit: dress Zara - sneakers Vans X Liberty London - watch Festina 


Color on a rainy day

Let's bring some color into this rainy day! This outfit is from a few days ago, when the sun was still shining high up in the sky :) I'm totally in love with this blazer from Zara. Initially, I was not sure if it was a smart buy because it's quite a special one... But if you combine it with some neutral pieces, you can definitely call this a bullseye! Or do you guys think differently? 

Outfit: blazer Zara - white T Esprit - shorts Sandro - shoes River Island



Today a post about the brand Le Mont Saint-Michel! This work-wear brand was launched in 1913, just a few miles away from the famous abbey after which it was named. It was Caroline Lesaffre, emancipated and well ahead of her time, that decided to found a textile company which combined a factory and a school for young women whose fathers, brothers and husbands had not returned from the Great War. Lessafre's grandson, Patrice Milan, took the reins of the company in 1964, and modernized it by installing high-performance knitting machines. Today, Alexandre Milan owns the brand, after succeeding his father in 1998 and acquiring the trade name Le Mont Saint-Michel. Now the brand is known for its authentic vintage, blended with inspirations from rock music, chic and modern, that gave life to a French retro touch that lots of fashionistas (and me!) love... Enjoy! 



Jules from julievscamera.wordpress.com stopped by when I was on holiday. She got fascinated by my pair of binoculars and wanted to take some pictures of it. It was just a little experiment, but I absolutely wanted to share the photos with you guys! Do you like my fashion-photo-post? 

Outfit: blazer H&M - top Sandro - jeans Zara - necklace Zara - shoes AGL

Pictures: julievscamera.wordpress.com


The bigger, the better

If there is one thing that doesn't have to fit perfectly this winter, it's your coat: the bigger, the better! And that's just wonderful, because I've always been a fan of 'oversized'. I have no problem with my pants being tight, but my upper pieces definitely can be baggy. I'm not really a fan of tops, sweaters, t-shirts... that stick to your body like glue. But I know (and I hear you guys think), we're women so we have to be feminine. Forget about all that --> oversized is absolutely feminine too if you do it well! 

Last year, I was already looking for my oversized coat when I went to London for some Christmas-shopping. Eventually, I achieved my goal and found one at Topshop. Pictures will follow in winter time ;). 

Picture 1: Carven - Picture 2: Carven - Picture 3: Céline - Picture 4: Céline - Picture 5: Chalayan - Picture 6: unknown


Less is more

What's wrong with a simple T-shirt and a pair of shorts??? NOTHING! Don't ever forget one of the main rules in fashion: 'less definitely can be more'. Have a nice weekend! 

Outfit: T shirt Esprit - shorts Zara - hat Mer du Nord - glasses Camden Town London - earrings Bulgari - handbag Delvaux - watch Rodania - sandals Scapa

Picture 1: Spanish steps Rome - Picture 2: Chanel garden Rome 


Vans x Liberty London

Whoop whoop, great news you guys! Believe it or not, but I entered a competition and... I won! It's been a few years since I've been following the blog afterdrk.com by Sabrina Meijer, who has become really big in the blogscene. Now and then, she gives away some fashion musthaves, and this time it was a pair of Vans. Note: not just Vans, but Vans from the collaboration with Liberty London. Everybody knows the 'Kenzo-Vans', but I've never been able to get my hands on them because they're always sold out immediately (size 37)... --> This time a new collaboration, so a new chance to search for my pair what was easy for once thanks to Sabrina ;) Outfitposts with these cuties will follow soon! 



Let me introduce you to Miroslava Duma, also known as Mira Duma, one of my biggest inspirations. She arrived on the scene a few seasons ago and got recognized for her unbounded yet impeccable taste in high end designer wares. Some of her favorite designers include Miu Miu, Marni, YSL, Lanvin, Alexander Wang & Prada. She used to be the editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia but now she's a freelance writer for numerous publications such as OK Magazine Russia, Tatler and Glamour Russia. Remarkable fact: Mira is the daughter of the Russian senator Vasilay Duma.

I like the fact that she doesn't have a typical style. One day she can be really edgy and boyish while the other day she's super feminine. And that's a bit how I roll too :) 

Hopefully Mira can inspire you guys too! 


Perfect jeans (short version)

Hi everybody! Today I want to put my Sandro-short in the spotlights! Remember my post about Lille? Well, I bought this pair of shorts back then and now it has become one of my favorite pieces. A perfect jeans is absolutely necessary in every woman's closet, and I think the short version of it too. You can combine everything with jeans and that's very practical when the sun is shining: all colors fit with this kind of fabric! Here you can find some pictures from Rome where we went biking one day, so my outfit didn't have to be very sophisticated: just a simple top, some docksides and my sunglasses. Do you like the result? 

Outfit: Jeans Sandro - Top Zara - Docksides Sperry Top-Sider - Sunglasses H&M 

Pictures: julievscamera.wordpress.com


Glass mania

Today something totally different: sunglasses! One of my best friends works as an optician at the Belgian coast and last week, I surprised her with a visit. I got her permission to try on all kinds of sunglasses, especially the ones that we found extraordinary. Below you can see the result! Would you guys put on this kind of sunglasses? Which one would you choose? My favorites were the two last ones (Chanel - Prada). 

Shop: 'Optiek Vermeulen' at Middelkerke

Picture 1: Chanel - Picture 2: Marc Jacobs - Picture 3: Miu Miu - Picture 4: Prada - Picture 5: Chanel - Picture 6: Tommy Hilfiger - Picture 7: Ray-Ban - Picture 8: Chanel - Picture 9: Miu Miu - Picture 10: Prada - Picture 11: Miu Miu - Picture 12: Marc Jacobs - Picture 13: Chanel - Picture 14: Prada 

<Sorry for the bad quality pic's...>