Jeans, my favorite fabric in town, fo sho!!! I don't know what the deal is with men, but for women the search for the perfect jeans has always been a really big quest. I think I've already fitted over hundreds of pants in my life, without ever buying one. So when the day comes that the jeans fits immediately, don't hesitate and just buy the goddamn thing ;). With this blue-grey pair of jeans, that was exactly what happened at Zara a few weeks ago. So now we are inseparable and I even took it with me on an ice-cream date: Sun, ice-cream and the perfect jeans --> matchie matchie! What are your jeans-stories? Or aren't you really familiar with the phenomenon of the quest for jeans?  


Trend: backpack

The backpack has gone through an extreme makeover and is now becoming the new ordre du jour. So, if luxurious arm candy is your thing, then you better think again this spring... It turns out we are not the only ones who like this trend, as a slew of stars have been spotted rocking this trend - inspired by the London's Spring 2014 runways. So, if your accessories need an update, why not try out this mini trend? 

Bag 1 Asos - Bag 2 Topshop - Bag 3 Chanel - Bag 4 Louis Vuitton


Spring is in the air

Yay! Today it's the first day of Spring! :) We've already enjoyed some beautiful days - where the temperature was at some points creepy high - and took out a part of our summer wardrobe. I'm not really sure what my favorite season is: I like duffling myself in a long coat with a warm scarf, but I also love wearing some light clothes and walking bare-legged... Tough choice! But luckily, as time passes I'm always happy to re-welcome the new season. 

Last week we went brunching with the girls on a beautiful Sunday morning. As it was still a little bit chilly, I chose to wear my jeans combined with a light blouse and my yellow long blazer! I just love this one, because it has some kind of 'Natan-vibe' over it (don't you agree, mister Vermeulen?!). It was just perfect for this occasion, because it's dressed-up, but still casual -> the perfect combo

I can't wait to take my other summer garments out of the closet! Are you guys also looking forward to summer? And how are you clothing yourself in this transition period

Outfit: jeans Zara - blouse Zara - blazer Zara - shoes Attilio Giusti Leombruni - bracelet &Other Stories - earrings Bulgari - sunglasses Camden Market London 


Hipster alert: Bar Stan

There's a new hotspot in town: Bar Stan! Do you fancy a fast snack, a fresh brewed coffee or just a good beer, then Bar Stan in Leuven is the place 2 be. What's so cool about this place is that at night it pops into a cosy bar, but in the afternoon you can just go and do some work on your computer in this chilly environment

The pictures below represent perfectly what the concept is about! And do you know what... just check it out yourself and pay the guys from Bar Stan a visit!

Address: Constantin Meunierstraat 2, 3000 Leuven 

Opening hours: Di - Vr: 8:00 - 00:00 / Za: 16:00 - 0:00 / Zo: 10:00 - 18:00


Dior Beauty School X Belmodo

A while ago, I had a wonderful experience when it comes to beauty products. As you know, I'm not such a make-up person. Putting on some mascara or using eye-liner is already a big deal for me. So yes, you can call me a dummy when it comes to sprucing myself. 

When entering the Dior headquarters in Brussels, my first thought was: "What are you doing here beauty-ignoramus?"... But I can definitely say that I improved my make-up skills and learned so much in that 4 hours! We were assisted by the lovely Dior professionals Sylvie and Patricia who schooled us in how to create the perfect Trianon make-uplook, after cleaning our skin with Dior's new beauty baby: the Capture Totale Dreamskin

But what's so good and new about this product? What differentiates it from all the other options that are already on the market? Dreamskin is the key to beautiful skin tone and texture, instantly and over time. Perfect for all ages and skin types, this powerful product produces youthful-looking skin while increasing radiance and firmness. Dior's exclusive biomimetic powder complex reduces dark spots and redness, and minimizes pores. Day after day, skin is continuously perfected with the help of plant extracts from the exclusive Dior gardens. Fun fact: Dior uses Longoza extract from the garden in Madagascar which helps to combat wrinkles along with loss of radiance and firmness + Opilia extract from a new garden in Burkina Faso, that helps to reduce dark spots and redness, bringing dull complexions back to life. 

I can say that this was a night full of pampering: I learned about all kinds of Dior beauty products while getting to know a bunch of fun girls and enjoying some delicious macaroons and sandwiches whilst sipping a glass of champagne. To end the night, we all got a goodbiebag full of Dior finest! B-E-A-UTIFUL!