Superga X Roberto Del Carlo

Hi guys!!! I'm so so so so sorry for not getting back at you for almost 2 weeks now (shame on me…) but I just had the most busiest time ever during my first week abroad. So many new things to discover, so many cool people to meet, so many stuff to experience… I finally found a silent moment to focus on the blog and to make the sneaker lovers among you happy! For you guys, the brand Superga must definitely sound familiar! 

Born in Turin (Italy) 1911 the Superga factory, under the stewardship of Walter Martiny, started to produce shoes with vulcanized rubber soles and so the Classic Superga 2750 Heritage style was born! Today,  this still is one of the most iconic pieces that the brand has ever made. But over the years, also other kinds of shoes followed: sport shoes, rubber rain boots… It thus doesn't surprise you that also some collaborations popped up, and my eye fell on the collab with Roberto Del Carlo. I got my hands on a pair of those, and I can assure you, I'm not letting them go! I always had a thing for extravagant footwear (look at my earlier posts) so this pair just had to be added to the pile. It's a classy sneaker - referring to the white beige combo - but yet it is absolutely daring. Superga is definitely a brand to watch, as it defied trends and stood the test of time. 


Looking back… and forward!

Words from the west… I can definitely call this one of the most awesome projects I have ever done. Fashion has always been my biggest passion (rhyme wonder over here!), and with this blog I was definitely taking this big crush of mine to the next level. Sharing my own thoughts on fashion with the worldwide web wasn't initially an Astrid thing to do (especially posting pictures of myself posing in my own clothes). My closest friends knew that this was the topic where I could go on for hours, but communicate it to readers who I don't know at all was totally new. But I have to admit it is fun, and my visitors rating shows me that a lot (and more!) of you guys seem to think this as well. My blog has already created so much opportunities: fabulous events, fashion shows, and even a 3 month internship at Belmodo which I unfortunately had to cancel because I'm studying abroad this year… But good news for you, the next few months you will get posted on some UK fashion trends. Hurray! Before I leave this rainy - today weirdly hot - Belgium for the even more rainy Union Jack country, I just really wanted to thank you for the support and for reading my blog. Therefore I made some kind of compilation video from the past year as some kind of overview. Hope you like my iMovie skills! ;) 



While I'm sitting here at my desk, writing another blogpost and staring outside the window, summer seems to have left us already... The long hot nights are definitely over - sigh - and autumn is waiting right after the corner. Although I'm a summer-minded person, I can also enjoy the upcoming colder seasons, because I can unpack my coats and scarfs again and start brainstorming for some new cool winter looks! It seems to be a good moment to change positions again: summer clothes out, winter garment in! Before the winter season starts and you go out for some new clothes, it is always a good idea to first check what you already have (logic!), followed by checking the fashion magazines full of new trends. This winter, not a lot has changed: you can still wear your chunky punk motor boots, combined with an oversized coat and a big scarf. This still is one of thé looks for the winter. And as you know, I'm a big fan of this style. Also capes are very hot and a lot of clothes, shoes, bags... are finished with fringes (which is not really my cup of tea). 

But as you've already seen, the pictures beneath are totally not wintery yet. I refuse to acknowledge that the sun won't be around that much anymore, and that attitude reflects in my outfits. Monday I had a goodbye diner with some of my law-friends (more about that in one of the upcoming posts), and this is what I wore: I just really wanted to wear my pleated skirt one last time...

Outfit: pleated skirt Mango - crop top from a local shop St. Tropez (not a real brand) - bag Louis Vuitton - shoes Scapa - necklace Anne Zellien - bracelet Hypnochic


Eatable iphonecover #Moschino

Since Jeremy Scott took the reins as creative director at Moschino, the brand already came a lot into the picture! Who doesn't know the iconic Mc Donalds inspired sweaters, bags... (click here to see them) Scott is known for his eccentric-meets-feminine designs and that's what I like about him: it is always so over the top! Today, he has already crafted some luxury collections that harken back to Moshino's days of celebrated streetwear - which I suspect will soon take its prominent place in the street style hall of fame (if it didn't happen already).

He also designs the cutest Iphone covers ever! What do you think about my lickable one? :)