Meadowhall student shopping night

On the first Wednesday evening of my new life in the UK, my erasmus friends and I went shopping at Meadowhall. It's a huge shoppingcentre - really the biggest thing I've ever seen - just outside the city centre. To 'celebrate' the beginning of the new academic year, they organized a student night where you could shop until you drop with a reduction of 20 %… So heaven can actually be a place on earth?! And I have to admit, we really shopped and dropped. We went from one store to another, with only a 15 minute (fast-food) lunch break, and even with this tight schedule we didn't have the chance to see all the shops: this place is just massive! The shop that impressed me the most, was Victoria Secret. In Belgium we don't have one - or maybe in the airport, I'm not sure - so it is always a new experience when I enter this VS madness. Although it is always über fluffy and pink, it's a fun shop and concept (but I have to admit that I still stick with the Belgian brands on this one!). For a list of all the shops, check http://www.meadowhall.co.uk/stores.aspx and definitely plan a trip to this shopping walhalla if you're in the neighborhood. 


Drizzly days

I have to admit you guys, what they say about the weather in England is sooooooooo true! It rains and rains and rains and rains (but occasionally, véry occasionally, we have some good moments). So the one thing you really need here is a good coat and of course an umbrella (more on that in one of the upcoming blogposts). This picture below was taken when I was still in Belgium. And I have to say that also Belgium has its very rainy days right? My mind was already set a long time on this kind of jacket and when I went shopping in Nieuwpoort - for my new English followers 'Newport' - at my favorite shop Storms this yellow baby caught my eye! Perfect for trying to be that little bit of sunshine on a drizzly day…

Outfit: Jacket Just over the top - glasses Giorgio Armani - shorts Zara - polo Zara - shoes Exit - bracelet Delvaux 


1 outfit, 4 positions

Today, the pictures speak for themselves: one outfit, 4 different positions. 

Outfit: blouse and glasses Zara - bracelet Delvaux 


MODEinOOSTENDE #thefashionparty

Hi guys!!! While hopping around in my erasmusadventure, I remembered I didn't made the final report on the MODEinOOSTENDE - event that Belmodo launched last summer (I'm so sorry as it is already October…). Still I'm of the opinion that it is never to late to give an insight on thé fashion party of the summer, don't you think? We all gathered at the casino in Ostend to celebrate Belmodo's great promotion campaign of the city. And as you already know, I was really fond of it. 
At the venue, there were six Belgian brands who presented their work of art: always nice and inspiring to see who are the Belgian newbies on the fashion market. Later that evening, the fashion came more in the background - how is this ever possible, right?! - and the party came in the spotlight (or do I have to say we?). Having the beats of Ostend based dj, polaroidblogger and it-girl Elisabeth Ouni, aside with some GT's, it was just the perfect dancing night. Just a pity that there wasn't a real fashion show, as a lot of us thought there would be one… 

Outfit: skirt Essentiel - top from local store St. - Tropez, bracelet Delvaux, clutch VII Bruxelles 

P.S. Sorry for the bad quality pics as it was so difficult to take proper pictures with all the flashing lights… 


Backstage, front row and trends @ LFW

The fashion weeks galore is over - sigh - so it's the perfect time to reflect on what I've seen and noticed during this fashion circus. Because I can currently call myself a citizen of the United Kingdom, my focus was mainly on the London fashion week (and if I'm being honest, I just love this one most of all!). During my first week in Sheffield, I've already met lots of new people, and some of them are fashion victims just like me. While chitchatting, lfw was also one of the topics, and apparently the BBC made 3 episodes about London fashion week. I just had to check this out! Beneath, you can find the links to the episodes, and I can highly recommend them to you if you're interested in experiencing lfw through the eyes of a fashion insider. 

Backstage at lfw with Susie Lau

Frontrow at lfw with Abbey Clancy

Trends at lwf with Daisy Lowe

picture from blog Susie Lau www.stylebubble.co.uk 

picture with Abbey Clancy on the left www.express.co.uk

picture with Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof and my all time favorite Alexa Chung www.mirror.co.uk