Dream bag

The perfect handbag: the lifelong quest of every girl... extremely exagerrated ofcourse! ;) But serious, a good handbag is really vital. It's something that you use everyday, and where you keep all your belongings. One of my dream bags is the Alexa from Mulberry, such a beauty ("sigh"). But last year, our own belgian brand Essentiel created a very good look-a-like that was less pricy than the one from Mulberry. These bags were sold out immediately, and when I wanted to buy mine, there was just one left, in yellow. Risky, I thought at first, but actually surprisingly well combinable with the entire content of my wardrobe! Result: we're inseparable! What's your dream bag? 


The perfect jumper

First of all, sorry that I haven't been blogging this week! A new year at university got started, and it was just such a busy week. But I promise, I haven't sit still... Lots of new material to come, such as a new Belmodo event next week. 

But today, my post is about the perfect jumper. I found mine at Essentiel (after a really long search process). It's the best color I could wish for, because I wanted that it was combinable with all my clothes. I'm a big fan of white blouses that pop out above a sweater. And that was exactly my outfit that day! Extra asset: this beauty is 100 % cashmere and thus supersoft!!! 

Outfit: jumper Essentiel - blouse Zara - pants Zara - shoes Attilio Giusti Leombruni - watch Festina 



As ultimate fashionlovers, I'm sure the term 'trenchcoat' rings a bell. The story of this iconic piece of garment goes way back. The trenchcoat was initially developed as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War and this invention is claimed by both Burberry and Aquascutum, two ├╝ber-english luxury brands...

This sort of coat has remained fashionable in the decades following the World Wars. Due to their original role as part of an army officer's uniform, the trenchcoat lent a businesslike respectability. And that's why it's generally excepted that the trenchcoat can 'class up' your outfit! ;) 

I don't know exactly who's seen by the real inventor, but for me it's 100 % Burberry. I'm looking forward to the day when I'm one of their lucky-trenchcoat-customers. Until then, I have my Tommy Hilfiger version that replaces the one that I had from Zara... My wallet wasn't so happy with the investment, but I promised him that I'll use this one for years! (or definitely until I'm able to buy one from Burberry). 

For the occasion some british inspired pictures. Enjoy! 

Outfit: trenchcoat Tommy Hilfiger - blouse Zara - white T Velvet - pants Zara - shoes Vans X Liberty - watch Festina - umbrella from the photographer 

Pictures: julievscamera.wordspress.com 


2 colored

Beige and blue, the main colors of todays outfit post. As U can see, I went for casual chic: the specialness of my skirt combined with the casualness of my sweater. This outfit was crafted extremely fast, but turned out to be very succesful :). The skirt is one of the eye-catchers that you can find in my closet, so I'm always glad when a special occasion occurs. I made the necklace myself with some ribbon, thread and glue. Definitely some statement jewelry and double awesome because it's from my hand! What are the extraordinary pieces that I can find in your closet? 

Outfit: sweater Essentiel - skirt Zara - shoes Attilio Giusti Leombruni - navy necklace made by myself 

Pictures: julievscamera.wordspress.com


My highlights from NYFW & LFW

Today some inspirational pictures taken at the fashion weeks from ├╝bersunny New York and chillywilly London. Not many words are needed... Just lean back and enjoy!!!


Belmodo X Pinko


Friday-night I had the chance to
go to the Antwerp Fashionfestival, more specifically the event hosted by Belmodo tv in collabarotion with the Italian fashion brand Pinko. I'm really fond of this brand, allthough it is not really my style. But every season they seem to have some baggy upper pieces in their collection that I just adore (like the one that I bought in Rome). As I sniffed through all the clothes, I couldn't ignore the fact that their shoes and jackets just breathe coolness. At this exclusive event, we also had the chance to try out the collection ourselves, what was superfun to do! And guess what, my eye fell on a baggy sweater again ;). Combined with just a simple pair of black
pants and some outrageous
creepers, I created the perfect
winter outfit! 

Conclusion: it was a really fun night, full of fashionable and
interesting people. As for me,
Brussels still is my number one
favorite fashion city in our
little country... But I have to
admit: Antwerp, you did it
again! You're highly climbing
up my ranking, and if you go on
like this, maybe one day you'll
beat Brussels! 

Hope you guys like the pics! 

All the pictures except the one with  fashion guru Tiany Kiriloff: head to toe Pinko / Picture with fashion guru Tiany Kiriloff: sweater Pinko - pants Mango - shoes River Islands - handbag Delvaux - bracelet Delvaux 


Dotted pants

For me (and my wallet), Zara is one of the greatest inventions in the world. By copying the high-fashion brands, they make it possible for us to buy clothes that resemble the 'real' creations. Almost every iconic piece of clothing has its look-alike at Zara. So when I saw this pants, I immediately recognized the 'dotted jeans' from Marc Jacobs in it. I'm so fond of my newest possession! 

Outfit: top Sandro - blazer H&M - pants Zara - shoes Exit - handbag Furla - necklace Anne Zellien - bracelets Massimo Dutti and H&M 

Pictures: julievscamera.wordpress.com 


Sleeves (and Valentino)

Pink and white... what a cute combo! And the cutenessfactor keeps on rising because of all the ruffles and the puffy shoulders. I love wearing jeans, so my upperpieces are allowed to be special. And 'special' is exactly what this top from Valentino is about. The fact that the sleeves are quite long, adds an extra value. It seems normal these days that brands try to use as less fabric as possible and make the sleeves of their T-shirts so short. Too short, if you ask me. I don't mind having my sweater a little too big, my top a little too long... Actually, I just hate it when everything is narrow or tight.
I hear you guys coming, and I totally agree: you have to like the clothes you wear. But more important, they have to be comfy (otherwise you'll never wear them). And what's also significative: a long sleeve makes your arm look skinnier. If you don't believe me, just try it yourself and you'll see! Hurray for the long sleeves!!! 

Outfit: top Valentino - earrings Bulgari - necklace Anne Zellien - bracelet Massimo Dutti 

Pictures: julievscamera.wordpress.com 


Bling it up

Now and then, a girl needs her portion of bling. I have my - almost - 'everyday jewels' (watch, golden bracelet, Anne Zellien necklace) but I'm also a sucker for eccentric jewellery. This piece I bought from my friend Julie. You guys already know her because of the beautiful pictures she shoots, but Julie also sells accessories for extremely sharp prices with her friend Stefanie. And this necklace is one of them. As said before, it's quite 'blingy', but definitely not over the top! I would wear this for a party on a black dress, but also with a white T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Sometimes it's just fun to bling up your outfit! 

You can find the jewels on Facebook: Folies des filles 



The seaside... A beautiful place to shoot some outfit pictures! It was a wonderful day so I went for a colorful touch. I bought this top a few weeks ago but then started doubting: good buy / not a good buy / good buy / not a good buy / good buy / not a good buy --> GOOD BUY! Hope you like the result!!! 

Outfit: short Zara - top Zara - shoes Exit - handbag Furla - necklace Anne Zellien - glasses Camden Market London