From the side, from a bird perspective, in close-up... It doesn't care how you do it! But if you look around, everybody is in a food-junkie kind of mood. And I have to admit it, I love it! Next to fashion, I'm also a big fan of eating ;) - two things that for a lot of people don't fit together - and I love taking a snap of it in an original way and share it with the world. First, because it gives a lot of inspiration to others. I myself really get a lot of food ideas out of such pictures. Secondly, it is just cool to see how (delicious?!) other people eat. And last: isn't it just B-E-A-UTIFUL

For the people who don't have Instagram, here a little selection of what I've foodstagrammed! Get inspired!  

    Vitello tonato made by my lovely traiteur

      Self-made detox lemon water 

     Le Pain Quotidien Antwerp 

  Savarin Ostend 

  Wasbar Gent 

  Sint Katelijne plein Brussels 

  Fresh strawberries 

  Healthy lunch 

  Best thing in the woooorld: #oysters 

  Fruit salad 

  Bartholomeus Knokke-Heist 

  Le Pain Quotidien Lille 

  Sorbet at the central library Leuven 

  Louis Burger at Bar Louis Leuven 


Color up your day

Colors can really brighten up your day, and the brand Essentiel absolutely knows how to do that! I'm a big fan of Inge Onsea her creations as they give me instant happiness! When shopping an afternoon with my dear mom in fashion walhalla Brussels, I thought it was time for a new Essentiel outfit in my wardrobe. In Leuven, I already did some little prospections (as a little pause during study-time), and I immediately fell in love with this skirt. The fabric where it's made of is just so fun! I combined it with a cool top, decorated with the well-known Essentiel sequins. The handbag that I'm wearing on the pictures is also from Essentiel, but from 2 seasons ago: I'm still so fond of this Mulberry Alexa look-a-like...

Outfit: top Essentiel - skirt Essentiel - handbag Essentiel - bracelet Delvaux - mocassins Scapa 


Espadrille kind of weather

Fiiiiiieeeeeeeeuuuuuwwwwwww, what a hot weather do we have to bare these days? Not so fun when you have nothing to do than putting your nose between the books... But actually, you don't hear me complaining: I like studying more when the sun is shining --> instant energy boost. And when it's hot, these babies are just perfect! I bought them at my favorite shoe shop in my home town. Espradilles are just what you need as you can combine them with everything (yes, even your study sweatpants), and definitely these ones as they are totally different from the classic espradilles. Kanna really took the concept espradille to the next level, don't you think? 

Espadrilles: Kanna


Off the hook #Armistice

What's with all the showering lately?! It just doesn't stop raining, and I'm really getting sick of it. For me, it's definitely time to get my summer clothes out (and pleeeaaaassseee before the exams start!), including my summer shoes, like these babies. This pair of the French brand Armistice is already accompanying me for more than two years. I saw them in my favorite sneaker store in Lille and just had to have them. Not many words are needed: they are just the best shoes ever. They give my feet such a comfy feeling that I would never take them of again - sometimes I even wanna take them to bed with me. You can also buy the shoes online and that's handy if you're not able to plan a trip to Lille any time soon ;). 



First of all, I want to say sorry for not making a new post in 10 days. It's just that the past few weeks a lot has happened... So please forgive me! I will make up for it by bringing you new - fresh of the runway - fashion news & outfit posts

As you all have read my previous post - I'm sure you have ;) - you know that I went to Sofie Valkiers ladies night. And besides the book launch there was also another advantage about this evening: shopping at Princess with a 10 percent reduction! This was my chance to finally purchase the beautiful Kenzo tiger ring that I have been craving over the past year. From the moment it came out, I loved it, but I wasn't sure that the love would last. So I waited, and waited, and waited... And I just didn't get it out of my mind! 

What do you guys think of this statement piece?