Hello fashion victims from the first hour! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you spend all your time with your beloved ones... 

Today I thought I would surprise you guys with an accessory post! And first of all I would like to make a shout out to Delfien Debroux from the do it yourself blog operation-DIY.blogspot.com 
Just like me she is a student at the university of Leuven, and she also likes to spend her free time on fashion, more in particular, on making accessories. I already made her navy necklace for my nieces and myself, just by following the instructions on her blog (see the pictures below for the result!). But a month ago I saw that she had created a new necklace, also based on the 'knotting-principle'. So beautiful! Due to schoolwork, I didn't have enough time to make this one myself, so I asked Delfien if she could do it for me. I chose the color blue, because I think that is easy-combinable with a lot of stuff. When I went to get my necklace at Delfien's place, I also met her in person for the first time: what a super nice girl! We were already following each other on social media, because of our shared passion I think, but I still prefer connecting with people in real life ;) 

Do you like the two creations? For more ideas go to Operation DIY and try some out yourself! 


Some head deco

Hi fashion lovers! As you all know (or don't know), in "student-language" Christmas time also stands for study time... Between all the Christmas magic, a lot of work has to be done as our exams will take place from the beginning of January until the first of February (sigh). So from now on, my day exists for a big part out of studying, eating and sleeping. On top of that, it won't be a surprise if I tell you guys that I'm strolling home in my sweatpants and hoodie... (don't expect any outfit post from that ;p) 

But as this horrifying period just started, and the stress is still far away, I'm still treating myself with some Christmas shopping now and then! The perfect distraction... Yesterday my eye fell on this beautiful hat! My mom always says that everything fits me when it comes to headgear, although I sometimes really doubt that. But this time, I think I have to agree.
I have always had a lot of respect for people wearing hats. Today, it is still seen as unusual by a lot of people and I seriously don't get why?! It's super elegant and feminine, and it gives your winter-outfit that extra cachet. In winter times everyone looks the same: big coat and a scarf. So hurray for the people who are trying to pop out in all kinds of ways! I'm already preparing myself for the weird looks on the street, but this time I'm ready to bring up my 'je m'en fous' attitude!!! 

Do you guys dare to wear hats? Or aren't you ready for this? 

Outfit: hat America Today - scarf Hampton Bays - coat Topshop - glasses Chanel 


That coat

The perfect winter coat... the search for every woman (and man?!). In cold freezy times it's the kind of garment where you're seen in most of the time, so it's quite important that you buy a good one. And certainly one that you're not already sick of the next month! 

This time I wanted my coat to be long. Really long... The kind of coat that falls below your knee... But I didn't found what I wanted. But then I fell in love with this beauty at Sandro. It's a big investment, I know, but totally worth it! We're already good buddies

What kind of 'body warmers' are you guys wearing? 


Pinko Trunk Show

It seems like Pinko and I are becoming good friends! A few weeks ago I had the chance to go to their Antwerp shop for an exclusive fashion show. There were just 30 of us, oh so cosy. We had a presentation of the whole winter collection, with some special advice during the show about how to combine the specific pieces to create a perfect Pinko look. 

Pinko has a lot of styles: the über girly woman - the party woman - the more sturdy woman... You just have to choose what fits you best and Pinko will fix it for you ;) With some bubbles and sushi a super cool event. Afterwards we went for a Burger at Ellis: su-per-de-li-cious! 

Outfit: cardigan Eleven Paris - pants Zara - shoes Zara - coat Topshop - bag Essentiel - bracelet Delvaux 



Hi dear fashion followers! It’s been a long time since I’ve done an outfit post, so today that will be the topic ! Lately I’m going through a lot of stuff, and with the exams coming up there is just so much to do... But there is always time for fashion, don’t you think ? 

I'm in looooooove with my necklace from Hugo Boss. It's quite eccentric, I know, but sometimes I like that. Now and then we just need to pop out, and here the necklace definitely does the work. Combined with this elegant dress from Vanessa Bruno, it just comes out perfectly. 

Fun fact: at a party there was one person who just couldn't stop about 'the feathers' that I was wearing. Since then my nickname became Winnetou. It wouldn't surprise you guys if I told you that I'm talking about a male person? Sometimes they just don't understand us women! ;) (this necklace is totally fashion, right?!)

Outfit : dress Vanessa Bruno – socks Falke – shoes AGL – coat Topshop – bracelet Delvaux – handbag Essentiel – necklace Hugo Boss  


It's Christmas time...

For me the upcoming period is definitely the most beautiful time of the year. I'm over the moon with everything that's linked to Christmas: the tree, the cosy moments of being together with your loved ones, the good food, the presents... Also the Christmas songs are absolutely super essential when it comes to the month December (non stop on my iPod). 

Last year, during this period, I was in the most amazing city in the world: London! Ok, for me this city never can do wrong, but last year it seemed that also in Christmas setting London is thé most beautiful place on earth. And on top of that, for a shopping freak like me, an extreme walhalla! Can't wait to be back!!! 

Here some images to show you guys what I mean... And don't forget to shake it up, because it's Christmas time! Are you guys going on some special Christmas shopping trips? 

Picture 1 Covent Garden - Picture 2 Covent Garden - Picture 3 Camden Town - Picture 4 Oxford Street - Picture 5 Piccadilly Circus - Picture 6 Big Ben - Picture 7 Buckingham Palace - Picture 8 London Eye - Picture 9 Carnaby Street 


Cold winter days

It's freeeeeeeeeezing outside. Man oh man, it feels like my toes are falling off! High upon the list of winter essentials: scarfs! The bigger the better. I found the perfect one already this summer... black and gigantic! But sadly, it was one of the things that got stolen last week. So also a goodbye to you, my wooly friend...

No worries, look at this beauty over here. It's even more perfect. And believe it or not, this scarf is from Tommy Hilfiger's New York line: coincidence or not? I think I'm becoming their 'living advertisement'. Anyway, this will be my companion for the upcoming cold days. 

How are you guys bearing this freakin' cold? 


What's next?

Sorry dear followers that I haven't been posting this week! But a lot has happened. My handbag got stolen, with everything in it, including my iPhone. Normally I never tell private details about my life, because for me the blog is only fashion based, but this time I thought that I owed you guys an explanation for my absent behavior... I won't be active on all kinds of social media the following weeks - I'm facing a serious instagram rehab - but I will do my best and try to give you guys your daily portion of fashion. At home I can use the iPad and otherwise smartphones from friends, to warn for all kinds of updates ;)

Due to the theft, I also lost a lot of material for the blog... So today just one picture of my new favorite blouse that I bought at Tommy Hilfiger last week. I just love the print of the little glasses. How cute are they?! The button closed on top creates that cool preppy hipster look, that I like a lot. 


Central Station

Here the outfit details of my escapade to the Tommy Hilfiger night in Antwerp. I'm in love with my new sweater. My best buddy in these cold freezy periods...

Outfit: skirt and sweater H&M - t-shirt Eleven Paris - socks Falke - shoes Forever 21 - bracelet And Other Stories - earrings Bulgari 

Pictures: Central Station Antwerp 


Safety pinning

I found the coolest earrings ever! A few posts ago, I was telling you guys about the relationship that I'm having with ear candy. And I think that this pair confirms what I said earlier. If I wear earrings, they have to be special and not everybody has to have them. I like them being a little bit out of the box. And these safety pins definitely are! Do you guys like them? 

P.S. I heard that a lot of people have problems with reacting on posts. Little tip: choose the option 'anonymous' and then it has to work... So feel free to comment!  


Tommy Hilfiger NY Line X Feeling

Yesterday, Feeling hosted an exclusive shopping night at the Tommy Hilfiger store in Antwerp. It was their way to introduce the New York line. Tommy is known for its preppy, college-inspired kind of clothes. Since I was a little kid, I've been a fan of this brand. Also because it never abjures were it stands for. At Tommy, you always know what to expect and they stay true to their initial ideas (and that seems to work every season, over and over again). 

We also had the chance to shop with a 20 percent reduction... How awesome is that? Marie and I fitted a lot of stuff, followed by the decision-making part. I fell in love with the green bomber jacket. Especially the leather sleeves, that gave the jacket that edgy touch. Eventually Marie bought a cute beanie and scarf, so adorable! But what did I buy? That will be a surprise until the next blogpost... 



Today the details about my outfit for the Karl Lagerfeld opening! Because it was a festive occasion, time to get the skirts out. This golden one from Essentiel was just perfect! I wasn't sure what the dresscode was, but everytime I'm invited to such an event,  I'm very stunned by the fact that everybody is dressed quite casual. That's why I combined my skirt with this more sporty T-shirt, what created a nice contrast. And I was actually very glad with the result... The shoes were a rediscovery. I bought them 2 years ago in New York, but never wore them... until now! What do you guys think about the result? 

Outfit: skirt Essentiel - top Zara - shoes Forever 21 - necklace Anne Zellien - bracelet & Other Stories - watch Festina 

Location: Stadsfeestzaal Antwerp