Accessories kinda mood

I'm in an accessories kinda mood. So when I was in Rome, I - most of the time - had my eye on handbags, scarfs, hats, shoes... And let us be honest, which girl isn't fond of accessories? It can make or break your outfit! Here you can find a little selection of the coolest things that I've spotted (and maybe bought?!). What do you fashion victims think, is the most important item a girl should have? 

Picture 1: Chanel - Picture 2: gloves in a typical small Italian store - Picture 3: Chanel - Picture 4: Louis Vuitton - Picture 5: Chanel - Picture 6: Louis Vuitton - Picture 7: Céline (color combination dark red and light blue) - Picture 8: Fendi loafers - Picture 9: sandals (i unfortunately forgot the name of the store) - Picture 10: Fendi 

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