Burgundy on my feet

Although burgundy was really one of thé colors in the winter season last year, I still like to wear it. Because real fashion isn't really about what the magazines tell you to wear, but what you want to wear yourself! And think about it… Even though it is not explicitly said that burgundy is still one of the main colors this season, you still see it everywhere. Look for instance at these beauties from Attilio Giusti Leombruni. I just loooooooove them!! And even better: they're mine! They are the perfect balance between a classic loafer and a creeper. I didn't really had a chance to put them on yet, because of this rainy weather in England, but wait until the festivities start! They are really pretty under a jeans, but I even think I can pull them of under a dress… Let's wait and see! 


St. James' Row

Today some outfit pictures taken in one of the cutest alleys of Sheffield. This little street connects the area where I live with the city centre, and is located next to the cathedral. It's definitely one of my favorite parts in Sheffield! I just had to take some pictures there so that I can add them to my Sheffield-archives ;) As it was a sunny day, no fluffy coat was needed, yay! I could also wear my new slip-ons that I bought at Topshop. As I'm a real sneaker fan, these burgundy beauties immediately caught my eye. The jacket was also new, and perfect for the midseason (that I think has officially come to an end). Also the scarf was a new addition to my winter garment - I know living in England with all its amazing shops isn't really good for my wallet - and I just love the way it can give a whole outfit that little bit more, some kind of an extra touch

Outfit: jacket New Look - pants Zara - slip-ons Topshop - scarf Essentiel - glasses Ray-Ban


Alexander Wang X H&M

Just like last year, I really wanted to get my hands on a piece of the H&M collab from this year: Alexander Wang. Sad part of my goal was that because I'm studying abroad now, that was as good as impossible. The closest shop for me was located in Manchester, but due to the huge amount of work that I have for university, I wasn't able to plan a trip for this Alexander Wang madness. The only chance I would maybe have, was in London because I was going there for the weekend to visit my family. For me it seemed kind of impossible (again) because that trip was 2 full days after the launch of the collection. Last year the Isabel Marant collection was sold out in less than an hour - and that was in Gent, Belgium - so how would it be possible that in one of the biggest fashion cities in the world that would be different? 

So on Saturday the 8th of November, we went shopping in the Regent street area, where also one of the H&M stores, who had the collection available, was located. In the United Kingdom you could only shop the collection in Birmingham, Manchester and London… That is so strange if you know that in my little country Belgium you could find the clothes in Gent, Brussels, Antwerp and I think in even some other H&M's. England, I sincerely expected more from you ;) ! 

But I have to admit one thing to you guys: it wasn't really love at first sight with the collection. When I heard the collab was with Alexander Wang, I was so excited because I love his creations and the fabrics that he uses. But when I saw the first images of the collection - also remember the pictures of Rihanna wearing a top and a legging kind of pants - I was so so so so disappointed. Almost all the clothes looked unwearable. I definitely like sporty clothes, but this was just over the top. Although I hated most of the collection, there were a few pieces where I was really fond of: the backpacks, the white and black tops, the grey WANG sweater (I would've bought the one made for men, because the female one was a crop-sweater and I knew I would never wear that), the black sweater/jacket and the grey black coat. 

So when I entered the H&M shop in London I had low expectations… But they increased quite fast, when I saw a big banner of Alexander Wang and still a lot of clothes under that banner (hurray!). I started screening everything that I could screen, and realized that of course a lot of the pieces were the big sizes or the completely unwearable and expensive stuff. I grabbed one of the t-shirts, that I really liked and headed to the first floor to check if there was some stuff left from the guys. Unfortunately this check-up ended up negative. So I went down to the ground floor for a last look, and then I saw the black sweater/jacket that I wanted, just hanging there all alone… This one wasn't there before, so I saw my chance, grabbed it, fitted it, and (thank you parents!) bought it! Operation Wang in London: awesome! I have to admit, it was quite an expensive operation, but it was definitely worth it because that day was the first day where I could call myself the owner of an Alexander Wang design ;) 

Click here to check out all the pieces separately ! 


Fluffy duffy in blue

Just like last year, oversized coats are still in business… Big business!! And this is absolutely one of the trends that I love the most, so I hope it sticks around for another couple of years. Last year I bought the burgundy Sandro coat (remember?). This summer though, my eye fell on this beautiful blue fluffy duffy coat. Indeed, I said summer, as it is totally not crazy to try out winter garment when it's 30 degrees outside ;) Blue is my favorite color so I sealed the deal quite quickly.  And what's so funny is that I didn't knew that blue oversized coats would actually be a thing this winter: after I bought my coat, I saw similar coats popping up on fashion sites all the time (next to the pink ones, who are also still quite high in the ranking of most fashionable coats of FW14) Lucky me! What do you guys think about this trend? Do you also like to bring some color into these grey days, or do you remain a fan of the classic black-grey-brown kind of winter garment? 

Outfit: coat Scapa Original - scarf Essentiel - boots Massimo Dutti - handbag Topshop - pants Zara - pinky signet ring personal