Glass mania

Today something totally different: sunglasses! One of my best friends works as an optician at the Belgian coast and last week, I surprised her with a visit. I got her permission to try on all kinds of sunglasses, especially the ones that we found extraordinary. Below you can see the result! Would you guys put on this kind of sunglasses? Which one would you choose? My favorites were the two last ones (Chanel - Prada). 

Shop: 'Optiek Vermeulen' at Middelkerke

Picture 1: Chanel - Picture 2: Marc Jacobs - Picture 3: Miu Miu - Picture 4: Prada - Picture 5: Chanel - Picture 6: Tommy Hilfiger - Picture 7: Ray-Ban - Picture 8: Chanel - Picture 9: Miu Miu - Picture 10: Prada - Picture 11: Miu Miu - Picture 12: Marc Jacobs - Picture 13: Chanel - Picture 14: Prada 

<Sorry for the bad quality pic's...>

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik ben echt fan van nummer 6 en 10! Zeker tien vind ik echt hip :D

  2. OMG, die van Marc Jacobs is zalig, die rode met bolletjes, net hetzelfde als zijn parfum, mijne favoriet.