Orthopedic beauty

I already had this post in my head for a very long time, and as our Belgian summer is now halfway it was time to share it with you guys. 
It is undeniable: the orthopedic shoe is überhot these days. A few years ago, my title here would be totally ambivalent. But today a lot of people seem to have changed their mind when it comes to the Birkenstocks and his associates. And I'm one of them (although I've never really hated this sort of shoes). Birkenstocks sandals are already a long time a part of my wardrobe but today I'm happy that also other people want them in their closet. To really call it the next fashion piece, that's maybe over the top. But I'm definitely of the opinion that it can be super stylish if you combine it well. Are you guys fan? 



People who follow my wordsfromthewest account on instagram have definitely noticed that I spend a lot of my time in Ostend, also called 'the queen of the Belgian seaside'. So I was absolutely over the moon when I saw that Belmodo had launched a hotspot tour here. What does it entail (for the fashionistas who don't know about it yet) -> Belmodo did a search for the most hip and trendy stores, hotels, restaurants... in Ostend and made a little magazine about it, that you can find in all the participating places 2 be. For every address you can find a little description accompanied with a map that you can find in the hart of the magazine - here all the places are indicated. I'm very happy that Belmodo chose Ostend as the fashioncity of the summer, because I think Ostend is really underestimated. Most of the time, it seems that Knokke is always running away with the fashion prize (don't get me wrong: I love Knokke as it is my hometown and I always love coming back!). But this summer the time to turn the tide has come. Everybody should pay a visit to Ostend because you can find everything over here. I already knew a lot of addresses pictured by Belmodo, but now the list got much bigger! Ostend is still growing but has already developed a lot in the past few years when it comes to fashion. A lot new shops made their appearance, so now I can find my all time favorite brands also over here (so special visits to Brussels and Antwerp aren't needed anymore... although?!:p) -> definitely worth a visit is Pied de Poule where you can find Paul and Joe Sister, Filles à Papa, Equipment, Ba&sh, See by Chloé, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Iro, Vanessa Bruno, Le Mont St.-Michel... Also Brutus + Femme is still one of my favorites (read my earlier post) with brands like Essentiel, M Missoni, Tods... For more addresses, come to Ostend - get the Belmodo magazine - and enjoy!!! 

Pied de Poule, Rogierlaan 62 (will be moving to Van Iseghemlaan 88 in January)
Brutus + Femme, Leopold II-laan 25 


Discrete dressing

Enjoying long summer nights... Who's also doing that? I already had some vacation and went to some sunny destinations: discovering new places while tanning -> the best kind of holiday. One of the things that I like to do is taking some me-time before going out at night: taking a bath and choosing an outfit. This one is one of my favorites. I found this dress at Zara. It is super simple: the cut, the fabric, the color... Very discrete. And honestly, that is what I like the most, because you can still make the outfit special with all kinds of accessories. What do you guys think? 

Outfit: dress Zara - shoes River Island - bag Furla - ring Kenzo - earrings Mango 


Long nights (sometimes) ask for long skirts

Since a while now, I've been obsessed with long skirts. I already told you that I'm looking for some perfect (though special) skirts, and this quest includes skirts that come under the knee instead of above. A lot of them already passed by but it just wasn't right. Until I saw two skirts at Zara a few weeks ago: a white one and a yellow one. The white one was just what I had in mind, but when I tried it on 1 - it made me look gigantic 2 - it had some kind of wedding dress vibe on it (not needed). So... on to the next one! And this one got me: the shape, the color, the fabric... I already saw myself in it, strolling down the streets in some sunny environment... with the pictures below as proof! ;) 

What do you guys think? Is a long skirt done or not done? What is your favorite outfit when you go out for dinner at night?