MOMU: Foot Print + Game Changers

A few days ago, the new exhibition at the MoMu of Antwerp (the fashion museum) opened her doors: "Game Changers: Reinventing the 20th century silhouette". Until the middle of August you have the chance to visit this exposition that has as a main focus the work of Christóbal Balenciaga, who changed the fashion spectrum in the middle of the twentieth century by creating wide and huge silhouettes which led to a totally different architectural volume in fashion that was never seen before! From then on, fashion was looked at from a totally different perspective, which put an end to the area of the hourglass effect (hurray!). A lot of other designers followed this trend, and some of their designs are also exhibited in Antwerp: Gabrielle Chanel, Issey Miyake, Comme des Garçons , Ann Demeulemeester... 

The fashion museum always creates a beautiful setting that leads to a unique experience. Below you can find some pictures of their previous exhibition "Foot Print: the tracks of shoes in fashion" to give you an idea what to expect. If you are a fashion lover, and sincerely interested in the history of fashion, the MoMu is definitely a place you should visit. Just make a day trip out of it and combine it with an afternoon of shopping... I'm sure I will do it that way! ;) 

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