The bigger, the better

If there is one thing that doesn't have to fit perfectly this winter, it's your coat: the bigger, the better! And that's just wonderful, because I've always been a fan of 'oversized'. I have no problem with my pants being tight, but my upper pieces definitely can be baggy. I'm not really a fan of tops, sweaters, t-shirts... that stick to your body like glue. But I know (and I hear you guys think), we're women so we have to be feminine. Forget about all that --> oversized is absolutely feminine too if you do it well! 

Last year, I was already looking for my oversized coat when I went to London for some Christmas-shopping. Eventually, I achieved my goal and found one at Topshop. Pictures will follow in winter time ;). 

Picture 1: Carven - Picture 2: Carven - Picture 3: Céline - Picture 4: Céline - Picture 5: Chalayan - Picture 6: unknown

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