Today must be one of the most beautiful, yet coldest days of the year. Time to get that cosy fluffy winter jacket out! I've always been a fan of parkas, both for males and females. It gives an edgy cool touch to your outfit, without creating that 'hi guys I'm going to do some survival in the mountains' kind of vibe.  But if you know that the parka was invented by the Inuits, originally made from caribou or seal skin and used to go out hunting and kayaking in the frigid Arctic, you can understand where this vision comes from? Still, I don't think that way. For me the parka is perfectly wearable each and every day. Who's agreeing? 

So now that all are fluffy duffy winter garments are out, I'm waiting for those other winter essentials... Can't wait to see those Christmas lights and decorations again! 

Outfit: parka Scapa - handbag Essentiel - key chain used as an accessory for handbag Essentiel - sweater & Other Stories - blouse Essentiel 


Sun kissed

While winter is coming, I'm still thinking about those beautiful summer days... This outfit is already a couple of months old, but I still wanted to share this one with you guys, just for the sake of fashion!!! What I love most about the look is the combination of a simple pair of shorts with a top that has that 'je ne sais quoi'-vibe over it. I don't know if you remember last summer's campaign of H&M, with the beautiful floral and southern inspired clothes? I just looooooooved it! This is a top that I scored back then. I know, it is not wearable everyday, but from time to time I think a bare shoulder is allowed ;) What do you guys think? 

Outfit: Top H&M - shorts Zara - sandals Essentiel - glasses Emporio Armani 


Cécile deux #twin-set

When you're a frequent reader of fashion magazines like Elle, Feeling, Weekend Knack... you just can't pass around the fact that one of thé it bags this winter is the Cécile deux from the Italian based brand Twin-Set Simona Barbieri. What started as quite a small company specialized in knitwear, turned out to having its own strong position amongst the accessible range of luxury brands.

But what is so special about this specific bag? For me, the design is something that I haven't really seen before, but yet it has this classic vibe around it. Also, I like the colors where you can choose from, especially the pink and the ocher. For myself, I've chosen the ocher, because I think this winter it will fit perfectly with colors like grey, brown, blue... and actually every other possible color ;)! The bag is also multifunctional and can be used on a casual outfit, but also for a fancy dinner or even a party. I'm already convinced of this bag's potential! What do you guys think? 

Outfit: sweater and top Essentiel - skirt Sandro - bag Twin-set 


and the top job @ Dior goes to... a woman! #mariagraziachiuri #glassceiling

Last weekend, there was some humongous fashion news. Finally Dior announced the successor of Raf Simons, since he left the famous couture house in October last year: Maria Grazia Chiuri

Sidney Toledano, the CEO of Dior had his eyes on the talented Chiuri for quite some time, and already asked the Italian fashion designer to join the company a couple of years ago: he wanted her to take the accessory department under her wings. She then politely declined the offer, saying that she only wanted to work for Dior if she got the whole package. Quite courageous and fearless to say, don't you think? Hats off for this lady, as today she eventually gets what she initially asked for... 

Today we see that still a lot of the leading positions in companies - not only in fashion related companies - are appointed to men. But for me, this is very striking in the fashion industry. Don't you have a brother, a father, male friends... who just hate thinking about what they should wear today or walk away every time you want to go shopping with them? I know it is quite stereotype to say that all men do not have any interest in fashion, and I absolutely want to make clear that this is not what I'm trying to say. But it is just so striking that most of the creative directors at the big (and even smaller) fashion houses are men: Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel), Nicolas Ghesquiere (Louis Vuitton), Jeremy Scott (Moschino), Demna Gvasalia (Balenciaga), Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy), Olivier Rousteing (Balmain), Christopher Bailey (Burberry)... I'm just relieved that finally this position at Dior goes to a woman. It is the first time in the label's 69-year history that a female creative director is appointed. Hurray for breaking the glass ceiling a little bit more! 

Chiuri is 100 % Italian and has always worked in the city of Rome. Also, during her whole career she formed a team with Pierpaolo Piccioli, first at Fendi, then at Valentino. Her first collection must be ready for the fashion weeks of September... So it's going to be a busy summer (but I personally think she doesn't care ;))!  



Summer blues?!

Everyday when I wake up and open my curtains, hoping for some morning sunbeams, I am disappointed that there aren't... What is it with this sad sad summer in our small Belgian country? Only two months left to wear our summer clothes, but with this weather we can leave them in our closet. I already had one week of vacation at a sunny destination and took the chance to make some sunny blogpost pictures for you. These are the first of many and I hope I can continue with it in Belgium. I know talking about the weather is quite cliché, but really, now I'm getting annoyed by it and I think you guys agree ;) Please sunshine, give us the chance to parade with our lovely summer outfits for just a couple of weeks! 

Outfit: Top Pinko - skirts Sweewë Paris - shoes &Other Stories - glasses Prada 


Knee high skirts

A few weeks ago I went for a cosy shopping afternoon with my mom. We started our tour as usual at the Essentiel store, one of my favorite Belgian brands. There I immediately fell in love with this skirt. The skirts from Essentiel are just the perfect fit for me and just look at that print... It was love at first sight! There is also a shorter version, but lately I'm just a big fan of skirts that are at knee height. On the pictures below I combined this piece with a simple white blouse, so that all the attention goes to the skirt. Actually I bought a blue blouse with it, but that day it was just too hot for long sleeves ;) What do you guys think of this outfit? 

Clothes: skirt Essentiel - blouse Zara - shoes Attilio Giusti Leombruni - bracelet Delvaux - glasses Emporio Armani 


What's your park? #ivypark

Beyoncé did it again… In the exact same week where she released her new album Lemonade, I received my package with Ivy Park clothes. Coincidence? I don't think so! Queen B strikes again! 

Ivy Park is the partnership brand between B and Sir Philip Green. It merges fashion-led design with technical innovation, creating a new kind of performance wear. The collection exists of modern essentials for both on and off the field. And that, I really like. The clothes are perfect to go to the gym, but on the other hand you can also wear them casually, for example on a jeans with a nice blazer on top of it. Beyoncé's clothing line is simple but with the exact amount of sophistication. Let's face it: Queen B is back, and ready to attack! 


MOMU: Foot Print + Game Changers

A few days ago, the new exhibition at the MoMu of Antwerp (the fashion museum) opened her doors: "Game Changers: Reinventing the 20th century silhouette". Until the middle of August you have the chance to visit this exposition that has as a main focus the work of Christóbal Balenciaga, who changed the fashion spectrum in the middle of the twentieth century by creating wide and huge silhouettes which led to a totally different architectural volume in fashion that was never seen before! From then on, fashion was looked at from a totally different perspective, which put an end to the area of the hourglass effect (hurray!). A lot of other designers followed this trend, and some of their designs are also exhibited in Antwerp: Gabrielle Chanel, Issey Miyake, Comme des Garçons , Ann Demeulemeester... 

The fashion museum always creates a beautiful setting that leads to a unique experience. Below you can find some pictures of their previous exhibition "Foot Print: the tracks of shoes in fashion" to give you an idea what to expect. If you are a fashion lover, and sincerely interested in the history of fashion, the MoMu is definitely a place you should visit. Just make a day trip out of it and combine it with an afternoon of shopping... I'm sure I will do it that way! ;) 


Sunnier days #WCD

Since I've been back from holiday, each day I am craving for sunshine. That's why today I am taking you guys back to last summer, to the time where I did a little shoot with a sweater from the dance festival WECANDANCE. Because the last few months have been so busy, I totally forgot about it but still want to share some footage with you. As you can see, the weather was not bad at all, just like the sweater ;) It has the coolest design: it is super playful, funny and a little crazy… Just what I like! The festival wanted to have some fashionable goodies to sell at the event  - because next to the dance music, the other main focus of the festival is fashion - and therefor they did some collaborations with all sorts of brands, such as Tutti Frutti for this sweater. This year, the festival will again take place in August and I'm already looking forward to the new collabs! 


Duffle up #2

BRRRRRRR, it's cold outside... Although the sun is shining quite a lot - which pleases me, of course - it's still frisky and some big warm sweaters are more than welcome. This one from Zara is currently one of my favorites. I like the ethnical look and the combination of grey with a touch of red. I bought this one in Paris during the summer already preparing for the cold winter that now seems to have arrived… Hello winter! How are you guys keeping warm these days?


H&M Studio FW15 #partone

In september the fall winter collection of H&M Studio arrived in the shops, and I was one of the first persons to get my hands on some pieces. This burgundy cap is one of them. I've always been a cap person, so for me it was obvious that I added this special edition to my collection. It is just the perfect headgear on a windy autumn or cold winter day. To my opinion, a lot of girls think caps aren't suitable for women. And actually, I don't understand why?! Today there are so many beautiful caps available, especially designed for women. Even the big designer brands believe this is absolutely possible. So girls, instead of wearing the beanie that everybody has, try to stand out this winter and buy yourself a cap! 

To see what my other treasures of H&M Studio are, keep checking the blog! :)