Red treasures

Haay guys! As promised I'm fully reloaded and ready to get back in blogger action! While it was raining and storming in Belgium, I was enjoying the Dominican sun for one week. And of course, hot weather stands for summer clothes. Super weird to be wearing skirts and shorts in mid February... but you don't hear me complaining

That's why I'm also already in some kind of sunny mood and with this post I will try to bring some color into your rainy days ;). These shoes are one of the new treasures of my wardrobe. I felt immediately for this deep red and let us be honest, who doesn't love Marc Jacobs? His shoes, his handbags, his clothes... I just love the man's creations! You will see these babies a lot on my feet this summer! 

Are you guys already dreaming of hot long nights with a glass of wine in your hand? I sure am! 

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  1. Marie Van Den Einde11 februari 2014 om 20:11

    Nice!! Yes, especially the hot long nights! ;) xxx