Today a post about the brand Le Mont Saint-Michel! This work-wear brand was launched in 1913, just a few miles away from the famous abbey after which it was named. It was Caroline Lesaffre, emancipated and well ahead of her time, that decided to found a textile company which combined a factory and a school for young women whose fathers, brothers and husbands had not returned from the Great War. Lessafre's grandson, Patrice Milan, took the reins of the company in 1964, and modernized it by installing high-performance knitting machines. Today, Alexandre Milan owns the brand, after succeeding his father in 1998 and acquiring the trade name Le Mont Saint-Michel. Now the brand is known for its authentic vintage, blended with inspirations from rock music, chic and modern, that gave life to a French retro touch that lots of fashionistas (and me!) love... Enjoy! 

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