Robbie Williams x Marc O'Polo

Not a lot of you know this, but actually I'm a big fan of Robbie Williams. It started when I was a child and one of my friends told me that my father really looked like the English singer. I already liked his music a lot, but now I had another reason to be an even bigger fan ;)...

For the 50th birthday of Marco O'Polo, the brand partnered up with the ex-Take Thatter and his wife Ayda Field. Together they created a little collection, mainly existing of cool, baggy sweaters. For the ladies, the sweaters were a bit cropped, which I like for a t-shirt but not really for sweaters... Therefore, I preferred the men's collection from which I now how two sweaters; one in white and the other one in pink. Indeed, you are reading this well, Robbie decided to integrate a pink sweater for the men as well, as according to him 'only real men dare to wear pink'. Who of my male readers wants to take on this challenge?! 

If you really like the sweaters, hurry up because they are already in shops from mid August and appear to be very popular! 


Rainbow colors #rediscovering

During the summer period, I love to dive into my closet from time to time to rediscover some of the pieces that are - quite hidden - in there. The photos below picture the colorful treasure that popped up recently. As this season pleats are still totally hot, it is not at all a fashion crime to put this thing on again! Doesn't your mother always tell you that eventually everything will come back in fashion??? Oh yes she does... and she's damn right! Hang on to your clothes long enough and maybe one day you can give them a second life, just like I sometimes do!

Outfit: dress Tommy Hilfiger - loafers Cos



Essentiel's latest summer collection again contained a lot of cool eye-catching items. One of the prints that I preferred were these red kisses (as well as the white on blue polka dots, more on this in one of the following blogposts!). 

This dress has just the right cut as well as the anno 2017 very trending butterfly sleeves. I must admit I'm not a huge fan of such sleeves, but it totally fits the joyfulness of the dress!

Having that casual look is something that I love, but like any girl I like to dress up from time to time. Luckily, this dress can handle both: on the first picture you see it being combined with a high heel, while below I wore some leather woven derby shoes. What do you guys prefer? 


A stroll down memory lane...

This week, I accidentally bumped into some pictures that were taken during my summer school in Fashion Management from already more than a year ago. I then realised that I never really talked about it or posted any images on my blog of that wonderful time. Therefore, I made this belated diary of my period there, partly in Antwerp and Paris. The first picture was taken at the fashion museum in Antwerp (MoMu) where we got the chance to take a peek in their huge archives, full of amazing clothes (dress on the picture from Dior). Then you can also see some pictures from the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris, where some of our classes took place. Of course I also experienced the real Parisian lifestyle, enjoying 'du vin, du pain et du boursin'! Enjoy! 



For a very long time I've been looking for a leather skirt. But I just didn't find the right one: wrong color, too long, too short, too tight, too loose... I like leather as a material, but yet it sometimes has this wrong vibe over it when it is transformed into clothes (if you know what I mean). But lately, in some winter collections, beautiful pieces can be found. Are you guys fan of this kind of skirts or is it just not your cup of tea? 

Outfit: skirt Vila - sweater Vanessa Bruno - shoes Atillio Giusti Leombruni 



A statement coat can literally break or make an outfit. But there is a rub: we all have that one fashionable piece in our closet, where you've spent a fortune on, only wore once and that is now collecting dust in storage... So this season I really wanted to invest in myself and not in my closet! This jacket with quadrangular print fulfilled all the criteria: fashionable, unique, classy and... cosy! 

Outfit: coat Scotch & Soda - sweater &Other Stories - blouse Essentiel - bracelet Mya Bay


Diana: Her Fashion Story

About a week ago, I could enjoy a couple of days off... And what better place to be at than in London?!

Just before I headed there, a new exhibition about Lady Di got opened. Princess Diana is known because of the tragic car accident that ended her life very abruptly, but also for her amazing fashion sense. It was said that the exhibition exposed the evolution of the Princess's style, from the demure, romantic outfits of her first public appearances, to the glamour, elegance and confidence of her later life. This was definitely worth a visit! 

Rumour had it that there was a huge interest in the event, which was rapidly confirmed on the website: tickets could no longer be purchased. What a pity! Still, I decided to actually go to Kensington Palace and try to get my hands on some tickets there. If not, a wonderful walk through the Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park would be on the program that afternoon. But luckily I managed to get in!

If you want to go and visit the exhibition yourself, you still have a lot of time left. I can only say the clothes were very nice and well-exposed: you can really see the change Lady Di made from a shy little girl to an overtly glamorous woman. Below you can see a sneak peek of the exhibition, but I would recommend to go yourself when you're visiting London in the near future. 


Fine jewellery #ANNA+NINA

Since a couple of months, there is a Sissy-Boy store located at the old post building in Ghent. There they sell - of course - the Sissy Boy brand, but also other nice things such as these earrings from ANNA+NINA. This is a fine jewellery brand, named after the Dutch based female founders and creators. Besides earrings, bracelets and necklaces, the brand also has pretty interior goodies and a nice range of accessories and gifts in their collection. The earrings immediately caught my eye because they are fashionable yet very timeless. This kind of jewellery can really add that extra touch to your outfit. 

Outfit: earrings ANNA+NINA - scarf Tommy Hilfiger - coat Scapa - shoes AGL - bag Essentiel 


Kenzo World and its ridiculously good short film

During the latest holiday season, again a lot of perfume ads popped up on the television screen. I think I can speak for most of when I say that those ads look nice, yet they have this pretentious vibe over them. When thinking of perfume campaigns, we think about a pretty girl with a bottle. This is clearly something that Kenzo wanted to avoid with its new fragrance, Kenzo World

The brand created a short film called 'My Mutant Brain'(click here). It is directed by Spike Jonze and consists of four minutes of expressionist - really expressionist - dancing by Margaret Qualley. Everything about the movie is just right: the music that is super catchy and stays in your head, the wonderful venue where the clip was shot, the gorgeous emerald-green evening gown Qualley is wearing... YES YES YES! 

The short film perfectly images the Kenzo girl, who likes movement and speed and the way things shift, slide and collide in real time. She is never blasé and enthusiastic at all times. She stands out from the crowd. 

Although the clip has been released a while ago, I made a post of it today as the Kenzo World perfume was lying under the Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago... 

P.S. 1 - After watching the clip yourself, you will not be surprised that Ryan Huffington, responsible for the 'Chandelier' music video for Sia, is the choreographer. 

P.S. 2 - Something very crazy yet breathtaking is the fact that during the movie you NEVER see a camera in the mirrors (mind blown!)


Hubert de Givenchy * To Audrey with Love

Hubert de Givenchy... Hopefully this name rings a bell. This man is known as one of the leading fashion designers of the 20th century. Since the 26th of November, The Gemeentemuseum in The Hague houses a prestigious exhibition on de Givenchy, created hand in hand with the French couturier himself. It is presented as an homage to his muse, Audrey Hepburn, but overall its a grand retrospective of his career.

Hubert de Givenchy - To Audrey with Love gives a unique insight into his career, which spanned a period of half a century, from the opening of his fashion house in 1952 through his retirement in 1995. As already mentioned, a big part of the exhibition focuses on his unique friendship (and collaboration) with the - born in Belgium - actress Audrey Hepburn, known from the movies 'How to steal a Million' and of course 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. Next to that, you can also set your eyes on pieces created for Jackie Kennedy and the Duchess of Windsor. 

This living legend in the history of haute couture really impressed me and I can honestly say that this exhibition blew me away.  The way in which the creations were presented was absolutely beautiful, accompanied by drawings, design sketches, photographs and film stills. If you still have time before the 26th of March, please free some space in your agenda for this must-see!  But in anticipation of that, enjoy some pictures below!