Lately, a lot of people are asking me what will be a trend this summer and what to wear (and definitely what not to wear!). That is actually a very difficult question! You can always look at all the new garments that have passed the catwalks during the fashionweeks. But for me, it is not so important to follow these trends: I just wear what I wanna wear, it's as simple as that. Don't get me wrong, I follow the fashion week galore from very nearby, but for the inspiration instead of the copycatting

A few weeks ago, I was also asked how to describe my style and how I see myself when it comes to fashion. Well, I can honestly say that I can compare myself with a chameleon. One day I feel like wearing a dress with high heels, but the other day I just want to wear a hoodie and my sneakers. And that's how I felt the day that I took this picture. This big sweater from Eleven Paris is my newest buddy located in my closet and I feel that we have a lot of comfy days ahead of us! 

What are you guys wearing this summer? Are you trend followers, or more trendsetters? 



One of the big trends this winter was definitely the beanie. Wearing an oversized cap, especially engraved with a heading, is considered to be very stylish at the moment. And I have to admit that I was a fan of this headgear-invasion from moment one. Little problem: it took quite a long time until I found my favorite beanie. Fashionlovers all over the world cherised the Homies edition, but in Belgium the beanie from La Superbe became quite a hit thanks to Enes. So this Christmas, I ordered mine on the Enes webshop and since then you can find this beauty keeping my ears warm! Are you guys loving the beanie trend too? 

Outfit: jeans and shirt Zara - coat Topshop - shoes Attilio Giusti Leombruni - bracelet Delvaux - beanie La Superbe by Enes 


The perfect look a like

Do you guys know the brand EK Thongprasert? It sells the most beautiful statement necklaces ever! When I saw this look a like at Zara, I immediately made the link (and fell in love)... Isn't it a beauty? A colorbomb necklace from this Antwerp-based brand, is already 'high ranking' a long time on my wishing list  but due to the price I still haven't made the step of buying one. But I think this one really can fulfill the job of booming my neck for the moment. What do you think? 


Sunny winterday

Wednesday it felt like I was on holiday again... Ok, no, I'm exaggerating, because it's too freakin' cold here!!! But the sun felt nice though ;) It was the perfect weather for some outfit pictures. In winter I never come out without a scarf. So if you ask me what my essential winter garment is, I would name that. Keeping your neck warm is already one completed part of the not-having-any-cold-job! Combined with my favorite coat and sneakers, ready to hit the road! What's underneath the coat, I will tell you in one of my next blogposts! 

Outfit: coat Sandro - scarf Tommy Hilfiger - shoes New Balance - pants Zara - sweater Eleven Paris


Red treasures

Haay guys! As promised I'm fully reloaded and ready to get back in blogger action! While it was raining and storming in Belgium, I was enjoying the Dominican sun for one week. And of course, hot weather stands for summer clothes. Super weird to be wearing skirts and shorts in mid February... but you don't hear me complaining

That's why I'm also already in some kind of sunny mood and with this post I will try to bring some color into your rainy days ;). These shoes are one of the new treasures of my wardrobe. I felt immediately for this deep red and let us be honest, who doesn't love Marc Jacobs? His shoes, his handbags, his clothes... I just love the man's creations! You will see these babies a lot on my feet this summer! 

Are you guys already dreaming of hot long nights with a glass of wine in your hand? I sure am! 



A lot of greets from the sunny Dominican Republic! 

Next week I'm again in blogger action!