I've got the world at my feet… euhm on my body !

This sweater is already hanging a long time in my closet, but I just never managed to write a blogpost about it yet! Maybe the reason for it is that there isn't much to write about: JUST LOOK AT IT! This outfit post doesn't need much explication except that it's a Filles à Papa creation and that I love it! Their prints keep on doing it every time. Also this summer a lot of awesome pieces (and of course caps) are available. Not easy to resist ;) Filles à Papa is thé brand for young women with an edgy touch and who like to provoke from time to time. On top of that, it's Belgian, so you guys as my readers have no reason not to look at their website ;) 



Living in the UK the past few months made me more Anglophile than ever! Here in the north of England, people are super friendly, calling you 'love' and 'darling' the whole time (quite weird in the beginning when even the bus driver calls you his love!). The atmosphere is so wonderful, I just love living here. So when I saw this iPhone cover, I thought I'm now totally able to pull it of, being a semi-brit myself ;) -> Just a mnemonic to not get lost in the London underground when I'm going back there. 


Jeans on jeans on jeans (part 2)

Jeans must be one of my favorite fabrics. I can't remember the time where I just didn't have a pair of jeans. It just fits with everything and that must be the main reason why I love it so much. Making an outfit mostly starts with taking a pair of jeans, and from there I go on with creating my #ootd. This same pattern was also what happened this day, where I eventually ended up wearing jeans on jeans. For some people this is just not done, but you guys already now that I'm a fan of this combo. This jeans jacket is one of my best buys of winter 2014-2015. Especially the sheep details make this - can I say - tough looking outfit less harsh. 

Outfit: jeans jacket Topshop - jeans Zara - shoes Topshop - shirt Zara - necklace Anne Zellien - glasses Chanel