Fluffy shorts

Looking at this awful drizzly weather - autumn really seems to have arrived - it is time to go back a while and talk about a sunny and happy outfit that I found in my summer archive. I didn't yet have the time to share this super cute pair of shorts with you because I had such a busy summer. But now is the time - read: before it gets too cold and it is not done to talk about bare legs anymore - I really really really wanted to show this particular piece of my closet that I adore so much! People who know me personally are themselves well aware that I'm a sucker for shorts… I have loads of them, so for me each and every time it is about finding that one pair that really blows my mind. And this exemplar from Sandro is definitely such a pair. When I entered the shop in London it immediately caught my eye and I - and of course it - was sold in a sec! I love the color that is so simple and is perfectly balanced with the fluffy part. It is eccentric but not too eccentric. It is an eye-catcher but not too much of an eye-catcher. It is fluffy but not "so fluffy I'm gonna die" ;). 

What do you guys think? 

Outfit: shorts Sandro - blouse Zara  



About three weeks ago, Belmodo had its second edition of MODEinOOSTENDE. Last year was a blast, so this year I expected the shopping weekend to be even more fabulous. I was invited to the private afterparty hosted by Belmodo for the partners who cooperated in this event, so I asked my friend Marie to join me for a day of shopping and a night of partying. We started the Belmodo-parcours in the late afternoon which was really fun because shopping for clothes after 6 PM is not something that you can do every day. We enjoyed some fashion shows in Lily and Ferm and got spoiled with a Lady White in Pied de Poule and gin based cocktails in Ferm, made by the best bartender in Belgium, Jurgen Nobels. Of course, I couldn't resist buying something but that I will share with you guys later. From 8 o'clock onwards we spent our night in Beausite - one of my favorite places in Ostend - for the after party. As a conclusion, I could say this edition of MODEinOOSTENDE was again a wonderful event to show all the things that Ostend has to offer (and that is a lot!) so…. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!