What's next?

Sorry dear followers that I haven't been posting this week! But a lot has happened. My handbag got stolen, with everything in it, including my iPhone. Normally I never tell private details about my life, because for me the blog is only fashion based, but this time I thought that I owed you guys an explanation for my absent behavior... I won't be active on all kinds of social media the following weeks - I'm facing a serious instagram rehab - but I will do my best and try to give you guys your daily portion of fashion. At home I can use the iPad and otherwise smartphones from friends, to warn for all kinds of updates ;)

Due to the theft, I also lost a lot of material for the blog... So today just one picture of my new favorite blouse that I bought at Tommy Hilfiger last week. I just love the print of the little glasses. How cute are they?! The button closed on top creates that cool preppy hipster look, that I like a lot. 


Central Station

Here the outfit details of my escapade to the Tommy Hilfiger night in Antwerp. I'm in love with my new sweater. My best buddy in these cold freezy periods...

Outfit: skirt and sweater H&M - t-shirt Eleven Paris - socks Falke - shoes Forever 21 - bracelet And Other Stories - earrings Bulgari 

Pictures: Central Station Antwerp 


Safety pinning

I found the coolest earrings ever! A few posts ago, I was telling you guys about the relationship that I'm having with ear candy. And I think that this pair confirms what I said earlier. If I wear earrings, they have to be special and not everybody has to have them. I like them being a little bit out of the box. And these safety pins definitely are! Do you guys like them? 

P.S. I heard that a lot of people have problems with reacting on posts. Little tip: choose the option 'anonymous' and then it has to work... So feel free to comment!  


Tommy Hilfiger NY Line X Feeling

Yesterday, Feeling hosted an exclusive shopping night at the Tommy Hilfiger store in Antwerp. It was their way to introduce the New York line. Tommy is known for its preppy, college-inspired kind of clothes. Since I was a little kid, I've been a fan of this brand. Also because it never abjures were it stands for. At Tommy, you always know what to expect and they stay true to their initial ideas (and that seems to work every season, over and over again). 

We also had the chance to shop with a 20 percent reduction... How awesome is that? Marie and I fitted a lot of stuff, followed by the decision-making part. I fell in love with the green bomber jacket. Especially the leather sleeves, that gave the jacket that edgy touch. Eventually Marie bought a cute beanie and scarf, so adorable! But what did I buy? That will be a surprise until the next blogpost... 



Today the details about my outfit for the Karl Lagerfeld opening! Because it was a festive occasion, time to get the skirts out. This golden one from Essentiel was just perfect! I wasn't sure what the dresscode was, but everytime I'm invited to such an event,  I'm very stunned by the fact that everybody is dressed quite casual. That's why I combined my skirt with this more sporty T-shirt, what created a nice contrast. And I was actually very glad with the result... The shoes were a rediscovery. I bought them 2 years ago in New York, but never wore them... until now! What do you guys think about the result? 

Outfit: skirt Essentiel - top Zara - shoes Forever 21 - necklace Anne Zellien - bracelet & Other Stories - watch Festina 

Location: Stadsfeestzaal Antwerp 


Marant madness at H&M

Hi ladies and a few gents! 

Yes yes, I was one of the crazy persons that went queuing for the new collaboration from H&M. This time they had the honor to work with Isabel Marant. At 6 o'clock I was present at their shop in Gent. But I was not the only one, as already 13 persons were in front of me! And believe me: I had three awful hours, standing there in the rain and cold, totally unprepared. There were people with magazines, books, coffee... to kill the time, but how could I know, being a rookie in this kind of stuff. On top of that, there was a lot of tension as the hours passed. Everybody was discussing his plan how to get the pieces they wanted. Some divided the tasks: one had to look after the skirt and take all sizes, the other one at the leather pants... You will not believe it, but I in fact got a little scared. Will some women really push and fight over some clothes? I was a fan of the collection, but that doesn't mean I would really 'kill' somebody for a pants. But when the doors opened at 9, it became clear that you just don't have the time to fight, as in 11 minutes the whole collection was sold out. 

And for my male followers: believe it or not, there were also 4 men standing in line for their favorite pieces, because Isabel was so kind to also sign some creations for you guys...

Here a sneak peek of what I got and outfit posts will follow soon!!! Do you like what I purchased? 


Getting rid of old habits

You're a bracelet fan, or you're not... That's something that strikes me among my friends. For me it's definitely the first option. I like big eye-catching bracelets that have that je ne sais quoi effect. This time I found my new favorite at & Other Stories. You also have a black variant, but I was more fund of the silver one, although I actually prefer wearing gold. But I think that change can be good, and that you don't always have to stick to old habits, because this can sometimes disappoint you...  This rule applies to fashion, just like it applies to life. 


Opening Karl Lagerfeld concept store @Antwerp

The Schutterhofstraat in Antwerp has a new fashion hotspot added to the already impressive list. The one and only Karl Lagerfeld opened his own concept store. After fashion meccas like Paris, Berlin, Munich... it was time that Belgium got its own KL-place. You can get yourself overwhelmed by all the luxury goods approved by Karl himself: clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories... And yes, mister Chanel is totally up-to-date and follows the latest do's and don'ts. These days, you can't live without all kinds of social media, and that really reflects in the store. There were iPads everywhere to check out the collection or just to take a picture while fitting all these beautiful garments. 

I was really honored to be a part of this exceptional event. Super to know that lots of people like my blog! Stefanie accompanied me, and we had the awesomest time. On top of the fashion part, we also got spoiled on a culinary level: champagne and foodies all night long. Who wouldn't enjoy that?! It was also the perfect moment to mingle and connect with other fashion-lovers, like Sofie Valkiers (www.fashionata.com) and Stephanie (stephniie.wordpress.com). With the beats of the one and only Hannelore Knuts, this opening couldn't be more fun. 

Also a special thanks to Liesbeth and GAB for making this all possible! Enjoy the pictures!


Brace yourselves, winter is coming!

Highly listed on my winter-wishinglist: a pair of biker boots... Found them! Together with this other classy pair, my new feet friends to fight the cold! And believe it or not, I found these treasures at Zara. What kind of boots are you guys wearing this winter?