Today must be one of the most beautiful, yet coldest days of the year. Time to get that cosy fluffy winter jacket out! I've always been a fan of parkas, both for males and females. It gives an edgy cool touch to your outfit, without creating that 'hi guys I'm going to do some survival in the mountains' kind of vibe.  But if you know that the parka was invented by the Inuits, originally made from caribou or seal skin and used to go out hunting and kayaking in the frigid Arctic, you can understand where this vision comes from? Still, I don't think that way. For me the parka is perfectly wearable each and every day. Who's agreeing? 

So now that all are fluffy duffy winter garments are out, I'm waiting for those other winter essentials... Can't wait to see those Christmas lights and decorations again! 

Outfit: parka Scapa - handbag Essentiel - key chain used as an accessory for handbag Essentiel - sweater & Other Stories - blouse Essentiel 

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