Marant madness at H&M

Hi ladies and a few gents! 

Yes yes, I was one of the crazy persons that went queuing for the new collaboration from H&M. This time they had the honor to work with Isabel Marant. At 6 o'clock I was present at their shop in Gent. But I was not the only one, as already 13 persons were in front of me! And believe me: I had three awful hours, standing there in the rain and cold, totally unprepared. There were people with magazines, books, coffee... to kill the time, but how could I know, being a rookie in this kind of stuff. On top of that, there was a lot of tension as the hours passed. Everybody was discussing his plan how to get the pieces they wanted. Some divided the tasks: one had to look after the skirt and take all sizes, the other one at the leather pants... You will not believe it, but I in fact got a little scared. Will some women really push and fight over some clothes? I was a fan of the collection, but that doesn't mean I would really 'kill' somebody for a pants. But when the doors opened at 9, it became clear that you just don't have the time to fight, as in 11 minutes the whole collection was sold out. 

And for my male followers: believe it or not, there were also 4 men standing in line for their favorite pieces, because Isabel was so kind to also sign some creations for you guys...

Here a sneak peek of what I got and outfit posts will follow soon!!! Do you like what I purchased? 

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