From the side, from a bird perspective, in close-up... It doesn't care how you do it! But if you look around, everybody is in a food-junkie kind of mood. And I have to admit it, I love it! Next to fashion, I'm also a big fan of eating ;) - two things that for a lot of people don't fit together - and I love taking a snap of it in an original way and share it with the world. First, because it gives a lot of inspiration to others. I myself really get a lot of food ideas out of such pictures. Secondly, it is just cool to see how (delicious?!) other people eat. And last: isn't it just B-E-A-UTIFUL

For the people who don't have Instagram, here a little selection of what I've foodstagrammed! Get inspired!  

    Vitello tonato made by my lovely traiteur

      Self-made detox lemon water 

     Le Pain Quotidien Antwerp 

  Savarin Ostend 

  Wasbar Gent 

  Sint Katelijne plein Brussels 

  Fresh strawberries 

  Healthy lunch 

  Best thing in the woooorld: #oysters 

  Fruit salad 

  Bartholomeus Knokke-Heist 

  Le Pain Quotidien Lille 

  Sorbet at the central library Leuven 

  Louis Burger at Bar Louis Leuven 

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