Superga X Roberto Del Carlo

Hi guys!!! I'm so so so so sorry for not getting back at you for almost 2 weeks now (shame on me…) but I just had the most busiest time ever during my first week abroad. So many new things to discover, so many cool people to meet, so many stuff to experience… I finally found a silent moment to focus on the blog and to make the sneaker lovers among you happy! For you guys, the brand Superga must definitely sound familiar! 

Born in Turin (Italy) 1911 the Superga factory, under the stewardship of Walter Martiny, started to produce shoes with vulcanized rubber soles and so the Classic Superga 2750 Heritage style was born! Today,  this still is one of the most iconic pieces that the brand has ever made. But over the years, also other kinds of shoes followed: sport shoes, rubber rain boots… It thus doesn't surprise you that also some collaborations popped up, and my eye fell on the collab with Roberto Del Carlo. I got my hands on a pair of those, and I can assure you, I'm not letting them go! I always had a thing for extravagant footwear (look at my earlier posts) so this pair just had to be added to the pile. It's a classy sneaker - referring to the white beige combo - but yet it is absolutely daring. Superga is definitely a brand to watch, as it defied trends and stood the test of time. 

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  1. Nice background! And I was thinking New Balance was the only shoe brand left,...