Getting rid of old habits

You're a bracelet fan, or you're not... That's something that strikes me among my friends. For me it's definitely the first option. I like big eye-catching bracelets that have that je ne sais quoi effect. This time I found my new favorite at & Other Stories. You also have a black variant, but I was more fund of the silver one, although I actually prefer wearing gold. But I think that change can be good, and that you don't always have to stick to old habits, because this can sometimes disappoint you...  This rule applies to fashion, just like it applies to life. 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Marie Van Den Einde12 november 2013 om 20:10

    Wederom een mooie post with a real life lesson in it, I like! ;)

  2. Wow supermooie armband Astrid, eentje voor op het bal? ;)

  3. Mooi tekstje en supermooie armband!! You go girl!