Opening Karl Lagerfeld concept store @Antwerp

The Schutterhofstraat in Antwerp has a new fashion hotspot added to the already impressive list. The one and only Karl Lagerfeld opened his own concept store. After fashion meccas like Paris, Berlin, Munich... it was time that Belgium got its own KL-place. You can get yourself overwhelmed by all the luxury goods approved by Karl himself: clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories... And yes, mister Chanel is totally up-to-date and follows the latest do's and don'ts. These days, you can't live without all kinds of social media, and that really reflects in the store. There were iPads everywhere to check out the collection or just to take a picture while fitting all these beautiful garments. 

I was really honored to be a part of this exceptional event. Super to know that lots of people like my blog! Stefanie accompanied me, and we had the awesomest time. On top of the fashion part, we also got spoiled on a culinary level: champagne and foodies all night long. Who wouldn't enjoy that?! It was also the perfect moment to mingle and connect with other fashion-lovers, like Sofie Valkiers (www.fashionata.com) and Stephanie (stephniie.wordpress.com). With the beats of the one and only Hannelore Knuts, this opening couldn't be more fun. 

Also a special thanks to Liesbeth and GAB for making this all possible! Enjoy the pictures!

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