What's next?

Sorry dear followers that I haven't been posting this week! But a lot has happened. My handbag got stolen, with everything in it, including my iPhone. Normally I never tell private details about my life, because for me the blog is only fashion based, but this time I thought that I owed you guys an explanation for my absent behavior... I won't be active on all kinds of social media the following weeks - I'm facing a serious instagram rehab - but I will do my best and try to give you guys your daily portion of fashion. At home I can use the iPad and otherwise smartphones from friends, to warn for all kinds of updates ;)

Due to the theft, I also lost a lot of material for the blog... So today just one picture of my new favorite blouse that I bought at Tommy Hilfiger last week. I just love the print of the little glasses. How cute are they?! The button closed on top creates that cool preppy hipster look, that I like a lot. 

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