While I'm sitting here at my desk, writing another blogpost and staring outside the window, summer seems to have left us already... The long hot nights are definitely over - sigh - and autumn is waiting right after the corner. Although I'm a summer-minded person, I can also enjoy the upcoming colder seasons, because I can unpack my coats and scarfs again and start brainstorming for some new cool winter looks! It seems to be a good moment to change positions again: summer clothes out, winter garment in! Before the winter season starts and you go out for some new clothes, it is always a good idea to first check what you already have (logic!), followed by checking the fashion magazines full of new trends. This winter, not a lot has changed: you can still wear your chunky punk motor boots, combined with an oversized coat and a big scarf. This still is one of thé looks for the winter. And as you know, I'm a big fan of this style. Also capes are very hot and a lot of clothes, shoes, bags... are finished with fringes (which is not really my cup of tea). 

But as you've already seen, the pictures beneath are totally not wintery yet. I refuse to acknowledge that the sun won't be around that much anymore, and that attitude reflects in my outfits. Monday I had a goodbye diner with some of my law-friends (more about that in one of the upcoming posts), and this is what I wore: I just really wanted to wear my pleated skirt one last time...

Outfit: pleated skirt Mango - crop top from a local shop St. Tropez (not a real brand) - bag Louis Vuitton - shoes Scapa - necklace Anne Zellien - bracelet Hypnochic

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