Hello fashion victims from the first hour! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you spend all your time with your beloved ones... 

Today I thought I would surprise you guys with an accessory post! And first of all I would like to make a shout out to Delfien Debroux from the do it yourself blog operation-DIY.blogspot.com 
Just like me she is a student at the university of Leuven, and she also likes to spend her free time on fashion, more in particular, on making accessories. I already made her navy necklace for my nieces and myself, just by following the instructions on her blog (see the pictures below for the result!). But a month ago I saw that she had created a new necklace, also based on the 'knotting-principle'. So beautiful! Due to schoolwork, I didn't have enough time to make this one myself, so I asked Delfien if she could do it for me. I chose the color blue, because I think that is easy-combinable with a lot of stuff. When I went to get my necklace at Delfien's place, I also met her in person for the first time: what a super nice girl! We were already following each other on social media, because of our shared passion I think, but I still prefer connecting with people in real life ;) 

Do you like the two creations? For more ideas go to Operation DIY and try some out yourself! 

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