Hi dear fashion followers! It’s been a long time since I’ve done an outfit post, so today that will be the topic ! Lately I’m going through a lot of stuff, and with the exams coming up there is just so much to do... But there is always time for fashion, don’t you think ? 

I'm in looooooove with my necklace from Hugo Boss. It's quite eccentric, I know, but sometimes I like that. Now and then we just need to pop out, and here the necklace definitely does the work. Combined with this elegant dress from Vanessa Bruno, it just comes out perfectly. 

Fun fact: at a party there was one person who just couldn't stop about 'the feathers' that I was wearing. Since then my nickname became Winnetou. It wouldn't surprise you guys if I told you that I'm talking about a male person? Sometimes they just don't understand us women! ;) (this necklace is totally fashion, right?!)

Outfit : dress Vanessa Bruno – socks Falke – shoes AGL – coat Topshop – bracelet Delvaux – handbag Essentiel – necklace Hugo Boss  

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  1. Wauw Astrid again super outfit he! En haha ben echt benieuwd wie dat nu de hele tijd zat te zeggen! Boys will be boys :p