Cold winter days

It's freeeeeeeeeezing outside. Man oh man, it feels like my toes are falling off! High upon the list of winter essentials: scarfs! The bigger the better. I found the perfect one already this summer... black and gigantic! But sadly, it was one of the things that got stolen last week. So also a goodbye to you, my wooly friend...

No worries, look at this beauty over here. It's even more perfect. And believe it or not, this scarf is from Tommy Hilfiger's New York line: coincidence or not? I think I'm becoming their 'living advertisement'. Anyway, this will be my companion for the upcoming cold days. 

How are you guys bearing this freakin' cold? 

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  1. hmm die sjaal lijkt me lekker warm! ik verdraag het vooral door zoveel mogelijk binnen te zitten en veel warme dranken te drinken :D