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Hi fashion lovers! As you all know (or don't know), in "student-language" Christmas time also stands for study time... Between all the Christmas magic, a lot of work has to be done as our exams will take place from the beginning of January until the first of February (sigh). So from now on, my day exists for a big part out of studying, eating and sleeping. On top of that, it won't be a surprise if I tell you guys that I'm strolling home in my sweatpants and hoodie... (don't expect any outfit post from that ;p) 

But as this horrifying period just started, and the stress is still far away, I'm still treating myself with some Christmas shopping now and then! The perfect distraction... Yesterday my eye fell on this beautiful hat! My mom always says that everything fits me when it comes to headgear, although I sometimes really doubt that. But this time, I think I have to agree.
I have always had a lot of respect for people wearing hats. Today, it is still seen as unusual by a lot of people and I seriously don't get why?! It's super elegant and feminine, and it gives your winter-outfit that extra cachet. In winter times everyone looks the same: big coat and a scarf. So hurray for the people who are trying to pop out in all kinds of ways! I'm already preparing myself for the weird looks on the street, but this time I'm ready to bring up my 'je m'en fous' attitude!!! 

Do you guys dare to wear hats? Or aren't you ready for this? 

Outfit: hat America Today - scarf Hampton Bays - coat Topshop - glasses Chanel 

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