Sunnier days #WCD

Since I've been back from holiday, each day I am craving for sunshine. That's why today I am taking you guys back to last summer, to the time where I did a little shoot with a sweater from the dance festival WECANDANCE. Because the last few months have been so busy, I totally forgot about it but still want to share some footage with you. As you can see, the weather was not bad at all, just like the sweater ;) It has the coolest design: it is super playful, funny and a little crazy… Just what I like! The festival wanted to have some fashionable goodies to sell at the event  - because next to the dance music, the other main focus of the festival is fashion - and therefor they did some collaborations with all sorts of brands, such as Tutti Frutti for this sweater. This year, the festival will again take place in August and I'm already looking forward to the new collabs! 

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