Meadowhall student shopping night

On the first Wednesday evening of my new life in the UK, my erasmus friends and I went shopping at Meadowhall. It's a huge shoppingcentre - really the biggest thing I've ever seen - just outside the city centre. To 'celebrate' the beginning of the new academic year, they organized a student night where you could shop until you drop with a reduction of 20 %… So heaven can actually be a place on earth?! And I have to admit, we really shopped and dropped. We went from one store to another, with only a 15 minute (fast-food) lunch break, and even with this tight schedule we didn't have the chance to see all the shops: this place is just massive! The shop that impressed me the most, was Victoria Secret. In Belgium we don't have one - or maybe in the airport, I'm not sure - so it is always a new experience when I enter this VS madness. Although it is always ├╝ber fluffy and pink, it's a fun shop and concept (but I have to admit that I still stick with the Belgian brands on this one!). For a list of all the shops, check http://www.meadowhall.co.uk/stores.aspx and definitely plan a trip to this shopping walhalla if you're in the neighborhood. 

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