Drizzly days

I have to admit you guys, what they say about the weather in England is sooooooooo true! It rains and rains and rains and rains (but occasionally, vĂ©ry occasionally, we have some good moments). So the one thing you really need here is a good coat and of course an umbrella (more on that in one of the upcoming blogposts). This picture below was taken when I was still in Belgium. And I have to say that also Belgium has its very rainy days right? My mind was already set a long time on this kind of jacket and when I went shopping in Nieuwpoort - for my new English followers 'Newport' - at my favorite shop Storms this yellow baby caught my eye! Perfect for trying to be that little bit of sunshine on a drizzly day…

Outfit: Jacket Just over the top - glasses Giorgio Armani - shorts Zara - polo Zara - shoes Exit - bracelet Delvaux 

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