Looking back… and forward!

Words from the west… I can definitely call this one of the most awesome projects I have ever done. Fashion has always been my biggest passion (rhyme wonder over here!), and with this blog I was definitely taking this big crush of mine to the next level. Sharing my own thoughts on fashion with the worldwide web wasn't initially an Astrid thing to do (especially posting pictures of myself posing in my own clothes). My closest friends knew that this was the topic where I could go on for hours, but communicate it to readers who I don't know at all was totally new. But I have to admit it is fun, and my visitors rating shows me that a lot (and more!) of you guys seem to think this as well. My blog has already created so much opportunities: fabulous events, fashion shows, and even a 3 month internship at Belmodo which I unfortunately had to cancel because I'm studying abroad this year… But good news for you, the next few months you will get posted on some UK fashion trends. Hurray! Before I leave this rainy - today weirdly hot - Belgium for the even more rainy Union Jack country, I just really wanted to thank you for the support and for reading my blog. Therefore I made some kind of compilation video from the past year as some kind of overview. Hope you like my iMovie skills! ;) 

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