Attention please! Since yesterday wordsfromthewest has a public instagram account!!! It's been quite some time that I've been thinking about it, but I wasn't really sure if I wanted my blog to be accessible for everybody, because a separate public account would definitely lead to this. Until now, only my closest friends knew that I'm blogging and I quite liked that. But of course I have to be realistic, and as I put my blogposts on the worldwide web, the content can of course come on the radar of everybody. My blog is really something that I do with a lot of passion and the main goal is to get others - who also have a heart for fashion - inspired, just like I get inspired by other bloggers. And as instagram is one of my main inspirational places, I thought it was time to take my blog to a next level... 

--> You can find me under the name wordsfromthewest (all in one word)


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