Statement necklaces are still a big hit if you ask me. When I'm having such a day where I absolutely have no clue what I should wear, I just take a simple T-shirt or blouse, and put a statement necklace on it. This one is from Zara and it completely fulfills my requirements! I've always been a fan of chains + the happy color just makes it more perfect. Zara is really one of the best shops for this kind of stuff: always following the latest trends, and affordable with a sharp price! But, as many of you know (who doesn't love Zara right?!), being fast is also important when it comes to Zara: most of the necklaces are sold out very quickly. So checking their site now and then really is a must! Sometimes you have to make some efforts, and that's just not different when it comes to fashion ;) 

Outfit: Totally Zara! Except the shoes: Tods 

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