Crushing on & Other Stories

Until a few weeks ago, not a lot of people in Belgium knew that H&M and Cos also had a cool sister, named & Other Stories. But now I think this shop is highly ranked on the must visit list of every fashion lover, since they've landed in Brussels and Antwerp. I discovered this brand thanks to my twin nieces (who had the chance to go to the grand opening of the shop in Antwerp... LUCKY BASTARDS!). As you scroll back over previous blogposts, you already saw my favorite bracelet passing by a couple of times, and yes, it's an & Other Stories creation! 

When I heard that the brand was finally coming to Belgium, I must honestly say that I almost bumped my head to the ceiling while jumping in the air -> finally an ending to my online ordering addiction at the & Other Stories site. So a week after the opening, one morning, I went from Leuven to Antwerp just to visit the shop. It was thus a one way and back kinda trip. Cray, you could say, but totally worth it! The shop is exactly how I'd expected it to be: light colors, a lot of space (reaaaaaaally a lot of space as the shop is gigantic with its two floors), lively atmosphere... Perfect for exposing all their beautiful clothes and products. 

But why do I love this brand so much? Well, I have always been a big fan of the Scandinavian style, and for me, & Other Stories really does bring this kind of fashion. The cuts in the dresses, skirts and blouses really reflect that. Also their minimalistic jewelry are to die for. As the brand says it itself: & Other Stories really wants to offer a wide range of ready-to-wear so that women can create their own story. Mission accomplished, I would say! 

There was really one piece that I really wanted to have: the blue-white dress from the host collection designed by Vika Gazinskaya. Unfortunately, there was only one left and it wasn't my size (sad face)... But instead I bought something else from this absolutely fab & Other Stories cooperation, but that's material for one of the next blogposts! 

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