Skirts. I normally don't wear them a lot because I'm more a shorts kind of person. It's not because we are women, that we're not allowed to wear shorts, right?! But I have to admit, it's been a while now that I've been searching some special skirts. And this one from Sandro really fits my requirements. It's some kind of Roman inspired skirt, made of an exquisite leather, and completed with some ropes. In my opinion, the skirt is most to his right when it's worn just above the hips. Put a nice top in it, and it immediately turns into something chic. I finished everything with a nice pair of earrings, bought at my friends' web shop, and a colorful handbag to perk the whole thing up. Approved or not? And you guys, do you prefer skirts, or shorts? 

Outfit: top Sandro - skirt Sandro - shoes Maliparmi - handbag Louis Vuitton - earrings Folies des Filles 

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