Long nights (sometimes) ask for long skirts

Since a while now, I've been obsessed with long skirts. I already told you that I'm looking for some perfect (though special) skirts, and this quest includes skirts that come under the knee instead of above. A lot of them already passed by but it just wasn't right. Until I saw two skirts at Zara a few weeks ago: a white one and a yellow one. The white one was just what I had in mind, but when I tried it on 1 - it made me look gigantic 2 - it had some kind of wedding dress vibe on it (not needed). So... on to the next one! And this one got me: the shape, the color, the fabric... I already saw myself in it, strolling down the streets in some sunny environment... with the pictures below as proof! ;) 

What do you guys think? Is a long skirt done or not done? What is your favorite outfit when you go out for dinner at night? 

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