Mosaert madness

Big news in tinsel fashion town last Wednesday: Stromae had created his own line of polos and socks, only available at the Brussels concept store Hunting & Collection (one of my favorite addresses in Brussels, with brands like Kenzo, Carven, Alexander Wang...). The collection was named Mosaert, an acronym from Stromae, which is again an acronym from Maestro (funfact!). And as expected from this Rwandan-Belgian singer and creative centipede, it was a BOM. When the news came out, I was in the library 'working' on my master thesis, and strolling down the internet. And coincidence or not, I had just planned a trip to Brussels that Saturday... for the show of Stromae at Vorst Nationaal! Ok, not just, because I ordered the ticket months before, as it was sold out so rapidly. Another piece of evidence of how popular Stromae is at the moment. 

But Friday, I've read that almost all the polos were sold out at the shop (and on the online-shop of the store that was already the case!). So I can definitely say that I walked around like a stress bomblet at home, counting down the hours until the moment that I would enter the shop. So the next day, at about 4 o'clock, I stormed in the shop, looking at the only 7 polos that were left: 1 L, 1 S, and the others were size XS. I took the L and S, just on time as a few seconds later a dozen of people were gathering around the peg. Pfieeeeeuw! 

So conclusion of the day: I was very lucky. Afterwards I thought about this Stromae/Mosaert-madness... I let myself go a little, just for a simple polo... It's true that I love fashion, but sometimes you have to be able to look at it from another perspective. Just check the news that came out a few hours ago about the Alexander Wang and H&M collaboration for next autumn. Everybody is already making a big fuss of it... and I have to be honest: it is again working -> highlights in my agenda: DONE. If I have a free day, then I will definitely go and stand in line. But it's not that I will be going gaga if I don't get a piece of that collection (although in my case it is the awesomest collab that H&M has ever done). 
But isn't this always the case when it comes to fashion? Trends come and go. And that's why it stays fun to follow. That doesn't mean that you always have to follow them with your wallet: your eyes can also do the job. But let us be honest: how awesome is the feeling when you get your hands on such an exclusive piece of clothing, after making all kinds of efforts for it ;).

Have you guys already gone crazy over a special line or new collaboration? What were your experiences?

(picture 1 and 3 source Elle.be) 

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