Fashionata's Ladies Night @ Princess Antwerp

This Wednesday, one of my favorite shops in Antwerp was thé place to be as it was the location for the second edition of the Fashionata's Ladies Night. In Belgium, you can definitely call Sofie Valkiers the pioneer in blogland. Currently this Antwerp based fashion queen is really hot and happening: she already made her own jewelry line with Diamanti per Tutti, last year she had a collection for Essentiel and now it was time for something new: a book! Just like all the others, publisher Lannoo wanted to dive in a fashion adventure with Sofie. And if you ask me, this was definitely worth a party... and a party it was!!!

The book is named 'Little Black Book'. I immediately had to think of the utmost famous little black dress. And coincidence or not, this was also the dress code for the night. But I, the muddle-head, totally overlooked this instruction from Sofie and was totally not aware of it. Until Wednesday morning... I totally freaked out and called my friend Valérie to tell her about my latest discovery. We had planned a full shopping day at Antwerp, and to end the day we would go to Sofie her book launch. But as we are both students, we made our luggage in the weekend so went of without taking a little black dress with us. On top of that, we wanted to shop during the day, and that is impossible with an evening dress and high heels (it is, right?!). So: what to do? I luckily had one black dress in Leuven - don't really know what it was doing there - and Valérie asked one of her friends for some dresses. With our bags full of shoes and dresses we went off to the shopping walhala, wondering what we would do for the night... I don't have to tell you that we shopped the whole afternoon looking for the perfect clothing-combo: stressing as hell! And the best part of all was that we still had to change before we went to the Ladies Night. As true die-hard shoppers we dressed ourselves in the toilet of the central station --> oh so classy(but extremely funny)! I can assure you that when we arrived at Princess we were almost literally dead. What fashion can do to a person, isn't it? 

If I have to give one word to describe the day, it would be 'hectic'. But it was just wonderful! We had an awesome time in Antwerp, and to end the day reading the latest-must-have-book-for-fashionistas was just perfect. Again, a big congrats Sofie and keep up the good work with Fashionata! You sure know how to throw a party! 

Enjoy the pictures from the event below 

==> You can find the Little Black Book by Lannoo at all bookstores

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  1. So nice you have the book!! Hope I can watch it one time!! :) big kisses, muah muah xx