Green garden

There's a new dress in town (or better: in my closet)! This time it's green and from the Belgian brand Mer du Nord. When I was younger, I used to wear their clothes all the time, but the last few years this was strongly decreased. I just couldn't find myself in  their clothes anymore. But it seems that this season they have some stuff that I like, and this dress is one of them! 
This summer, all that counts are colors: flashy, pastel, or just the normal ones (yeah, they still exist :p)... You name it! So why not color up my wardrobe with some grass-green? Mission accomplished! 

What are your favorite colors for the summer? And are you guys already preparin' yourselves for the hot days to come? I sure am! 

Outfit: dress Mer du Nord - jacket Zara - shoes Janet & Janet - clutch VII Bruxelles - earrings Bulgari - bracelet Delvaux - watch Rodania 

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