Un jour à Lille

I don't know what it is, but I just love shopping in Lille. To enter the beautiful country of France, I just have to cross 'the bridge' and i'm already there ! When everything goes smoothly, it only takes 30 minutes until I arrive in one of my favorite French shopping cities

Over the years, my twin nieces and I talked about doing some shopping together. We have a lot in common when it comes to fashion: we follow the same blogs, like the same brands, want to stand out and are not afraid to try... So last Tuesday, it was D-day. And lucky us that our trip was planned now, in this perfect period of the year: sales-time!!! Obviously we went crazy. The three of us agreed on the fact that in sales-time you have to look for some special pieces: things that you normally wouldn't buy because they are too expensive, too special or because you don't really need them at the time. 

Here is a list of some shops we visited - and supported ;)- :  
*Printemps / rue Nationale
*Sandro / place du Lion d'or, rue de la Monnaie, rue de la Vieille Comédie
*Maje / rue de la Monnaie, rue de la Grande Chaussée
*Claudie Pierlot / rue de la Grande Chaussée
*Princesse tam.tam / rue de la Grande Chaussée 
*Ba&sh / rue de la Monnaie 
*Eleven Paris / rue de la Monnaie 

Of course shopping can be very exhausting, so now and then we need some food to get our powers back. For lunch, we bought some sushi and salads at the Sushishop that we ate on the grass next to the Avenue du Peuple Belge. Perfect break, in full sun! For dinner we went to Le Pain Quotidien. I was craving for a raspberry juice and here they have the best!!! 

Conclusion: we had an awesome day and fulfilled the three F's --> fashion, food and fun. Special thanks to Isabelle, Barbara and little Ben for the super duper trip !

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