My love for Topshop

For the female readers amongst us, I just know it sounds familiar when I say that 'when in the UK, shopping at Topshop is on the top of the list'. So I was over the moon that Sheffield not only had one, but TWO Topshops! This brand offers everything a twentysomething girl wants (and even more!). Topshop follows the latest trends and tries to remake affordable versions of it (but still I have to admit that I'm sometimes surprised about how expensive some particular pieces are…). I personally am a very big fan of their jewelry. If you see something coming up at the big brands (think about the Dior double sided pearl earring), Topshop has it a couple of weeks later, and most of the time in an even more cooler and trendy version. Just check out all the statement necklaces on one of the pictures: to die for! And honestly, if you look at all the beautiful stuff they sell, it is totally understandable that every year this is thé runway show at LFW that every person who means something in the fashion industry wants to attend. 

Topshop: I already had a crush on you, but now it is big lovie time!

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