Essentiel flash event

Last week, it was again that time of the year: the Essentiel Flash event! Essentiel released their new flash collection in Leuven on Thursday the 15th of October. I invited my summer school bestie Eef to join me for some fancy shopping - because who doesn't like shopping with a glass of champagne in their hand?! Another advantage that night was that you could buy at a reduction of 20 percent - yes, your ears are working… 20 PERCENT! - so it was the perfect moment to buy that one piece you always looked at when you were doing some window-shopping the past few months and your wallet was a bit empty... To see what I've bought you have to check my instagram account -> click here (oh yes I want to make the blogging experience more interactive! :p) 

The flash collection was dominated by the colors black and red, which are not really my kind of colors. But still, it was a typical Essentiel collection, staying true to its DNA: a lot of printmixing, nice fabrics, and funny slogans. As you guys know, I'm a huge fan of the brand Essentiel, but this flash collection is just not my cup of tea. I personally like the other collection more (OMG, look at the bag on the second picture below!!!<3) 

Here some pictures that I took during the event, and indeed, we got ourselves some fake tattoos as well! 

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