Opening LN Knits flagshipstore

Ellen Kegels is the founder of LN Knits and sells fair-trade and handmade knits. She is known for her cardigans, scarfs and beanies made from 100% baby alpaca wool, that she gets from the Peruvian Andes. Baby alpaca wool is super soft - it is one of the most delicate fibers in the world - what makes it an amazing fabric to wear. Funfact to know about the alpacas is that they graze at an altitude of 3500 m to 5000 m above sea level. But that's not all: not only is the quality super duper, on top of that you can buy the clothes without feeling guilty because they're made in the best human conditions. With LN Knits, Ellen is providing a lot of jobs in Peru: more than 180 Peruvian ladies earn a steady income thanks to her. One of the quotes of Ellen is that 'beauty is in the simplicity'. And I totally agree with that statement: actually the garments are so simple that they become sophisticated. And that is the kind of fashion that I like…  

Miss Kegels is having one hell of a booming business, so the end of August was the perfect moment to open the first LN Knits flagshipstore, located in the Leopoldstraat in Antwerp. I went with some fashion buddies to the opening night and it was so much fun: a nice beat, little snacks, cointreau fizz and beautiful clothes… What better way to end the day… Congrats Ellen! 


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