Jeans, my favorite fabric in town, fo sho!!! I don't know what the deal is with men, but for women the search for the perfect jeans has always been a really big quest. I think I've already fitted over hundreds of pants in my life, without ever buying one. So when the day comes that the jeans fits immediately, don't hesitate and just buy the goddamn thing ;). With this blue-grey pair of jeans, that was exactly what happened at Zara a few weeks ago. So now we are inseparable and I even took it with me on an ice-cream date: Sun, ice-cream and the perfect jeans --> matchie matchie! What are your jeans-stories? Or aren't you really familiar with the phenomenon of the quest for jeans?  

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  1. hey Astrid!

    i just love your blog!
    as one of your male fans I have to admit that buying a jeans is soooooo difficult!!
    keep up the good work and lots of lovies!!